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What I've built for my 12 yo niece


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Hi guys,

I'm starting to like it here so I thought it would be a good opportunity to show you what I've been up to lately.

My 12 yo niece said she didn't like her metallic (bunk) bed structure anymore and wanted something "cooler". I'm guessing that a 12 yo teen wanted something closer to what she's seen on Instagram or Pinterest. [emoji6]

I said "leave it with me and I'll see what I can do". [emoji28]

400€ worth of 22mm thick plywood, a bunch of 2x2's and 2x4's later, here's what I've managed to built.

I'm not a carpenter and I've learnt pretty much everything I know so far....watching YouTube videos. [emoji53]

This is my very first project, and I humbly submit it here.

The story

Several things I had to work with were:

- to keep the chest with drawers (seems it had a sentimental value) and find a way to integrate it seemlessly.

- to keep the white (ikea-ish ?) cubic shelves as well.

- making sure they can easily have access to what underneath the bed structure.

- having enough desk space.

- building a small shelve

The building process

The 22mm plywood was way to heavy and a bit too thick. It was perfect for the bed surface but the rest should have been thinner (probably 18 or 15mm would have been perfect). Lesson learnt.

Because of the tiny apartment, I decided to make ALL the cuts in the main lobby of the building. [emoji17][emoji56]

There was no way I could have cut inside the flat.






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The door which was probably the most difficult step of the entire building process. If someone knows how to install a door when working alone, I'm all ears ! 














While some of you may say that the left door won't open, I didn't know there was another shelve next to the bed.

Ahhhh last minute plans modifications.

While I understand that things have been slightly over-engineered, I didn't want the structure to break / bend / fall.
If I had proper knowledge of carpentry / joints basics, I would have done things differently and that would have save me some time / hassle but hey, that was my very first project...and as the wise man said once "Good decisions come from experience, and experience comes from bad decisions".

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Looks nice dude, you plan on doing any staining or painting to it? Or at least maybe a few coats of varnish


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Thanks guys,


Kinda proud of my very first project I have to say.

Yeah, it has been treated with 2 light coats of mat finish varnish.

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Since the girl isn't tall (ahem she's now almost taller than me [emoji17]) made a little stool with some plywood leftovers.

Couldn't make a fancy design but at least we didn't throw the plywood left away.

My high tech woodworking shop. I doubt anyone here would have anything smaller.




A few bits of some unknown stuff: [emoji6]



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