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Logging Trucks and Trains don't mix.....


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Seeing the truck on the crossing before hitting it with the train, the engineer hit the deck below the window level and the head end brakeman ducked down behind the wall and door under the middle windows, that leads down to the bathroom.
Both made it out alive. Anywhere there was glass, the pulp logs loaded cross wise on the truck, penetrated into the cab including through the number boards.










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unrelated but back in 1979 was working in a saw mill installing a J-sorter and just before us on another line a 92" stud 2x4 got jammed sideways and sprung out about 30 feet and hit a guy right in the thigh and sheared of the lower part of his leg........wood is a very powerful thing when under force....

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The craziest thing I've seen in a long time. We have a horse racing track in our fire district. They were receiving a load of gravel, while the truck was tipping it's trailer, it fell on its side. The driver was on uneven ground. When the truck tipped on its side, the stack on the cab went through a window in he horse barn. The truck couldn't have been in a better spot, the trailer missed the corner of the building and the stack was the only thing that damaged the building, just knocking out the window. If it would have been a foot forward or back ward it would have taken that structure out and knocked a large sprinkler pipe as well.

What was even more impressive was watching the tow company upright the rigs.


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