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Takin It To The Road......


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so wife and 2 of her friends are going to do a bake sale of sorts at a few local craft shows so she asked me to make her some things ( 20 of each) she could have on her table to sell......Holiday themed of course so here are the things I produced.....

I should have never told her I retired, I should have just grabbed my lunch bag and went and hung out at the pool hall or something......lol







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Really cool!! My neighbor does a lot of wood working like this out of his garage, I really need to accept his offer and learn some.

oh for sure, if you have someone willing to show you some stuff it can be invaluable \...my father was a construction guy owned a company that was entirely industrial..... building hospitals, schools, theaters ect ect, wore a suit most of his career but come 5 PM he got in his work clothes as he would say......he had a woodworking shop and if you could walk into that shop you would instantly see and feel the passion and drive he had for the love of wood. He taught me many things in that shop starting at a tender age of about 5yrs old and taught me well but I still don't hold a candle to what he was capable of doing..... like my father I never made it a focus and instead just kept it as a hobby, when my father got sick he asked me to make him his urn, that was probably the biggest honor I ever got in my life  

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