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Cordless nailer questions


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Couldn't a cordless nail gun run off automotive gasoline? Why must you buy special fuel for it?


Then you could just run this fuel in the same fuel that you would use if you were running a generator, for example. And the fuel is AWFULLY EXPENSIVE!! I've tried the DCN692 and wow what an under powered pile of crap. Tried the Paslode CF325 lithium ion cordless gun and it works much better but the FUEL is the main problem. Batteries are fine.

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my dewalt gun has been great for most applications, but i have had a few issues shooting 12d nails. It works great with 8d nails.


my issue may be the brand nails. I bought 8d pasload nails and grip rite 12d nails from HD. the 8d work flawlessly. The 12d, often bend the head and don't sink all the way. Not sure if it needs to be adjusted, it was sinking the 12d fine at first.


i have ran through about 3/4 of a box of each. framed a stage for an art studio, a small roof and a few walls. I will put it through the true test come spring. I do not work with wood for framing often.

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Our experience with the dewalt nailer was not good. With the depth gauge to max depth it would not fully sink 8s or 16s, its not very useful as a nailer if you have to pound every nail in with a hammer. It also jammed quite frequently and required being taken apart with allen key. The paslode works much better just slower and have to buy gas.

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Personally, I feel that attempting to create a nail gun that ran off of gasoline would be an engineering nightmare. The fuel used in the Paslode is a compressed gas form of fuel that can be controlled efficiently (they had their share of catastrophic failures during design testing phases, if I remember correctly), and the exhaust fumes from the gas they use isn't as caustic as the exhaust from gasoline might be. Automotive fuel would require some mechanic to atomize it and add an appropriate amount of oxygen for proper detonation, and I highly doubt that an effective system could be minimized to a cost efficient size that would also pass federal safety regulations, not to mention the problems with the resulting exhaust fumes in any enclosed spaces.

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