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Small Work Bench Build.....


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so as I'm building shelving for the shop I wanted a small movable work bench so here it is ....not sure if paint is gonna get applied or not. I started with a stand that I put nice heavy duty casters on

here is how I did this as I wanted the supports to be screwed and glued...

the layout, I cut and put things in place drew lines where everything was, removed it all and drilled from top side right through I then applied glue and put screws in each end to hold everything. I then flipped it over counter sunk the holes and added all the screws. once the supports were in place and setting I cut plexi to surround the sliding drawers.....I only made 2 drawers but they are made so they can be both on one side or one on each......these drawers are fiction fit and will completely come out.....















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Looks good! Where do you findthe plexiglass?

i bought 8 cases of it from Target when they closed down, they used it for their shelving, none of the cases were even open I actually bought a lot of target stuff from their maintenance shop....thing was the store was so new almost everything was new. I got a lot of stuff that I still don't have a use for but couldn't pass up the price.

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thanks guys, if I had my way everything in the shop would be see through, I can't stand things in boxes or bags I can't see......I hate looking for crap, and if I can make it easier then I will.....

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