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New business name help


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Hey guys, I just dropped a bunch of my cutting boards to a local consignment shop.  I want to come up with a business name so that I can set up a LLC, but I am not coming up with anything good.  


I would love to hear any suggestions you have.  I think I would like the word woodworks, woodworking, or workshop in the business name.  


Have fun with it and ask any questions that you think might help.



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Okay, I'll start the list.


1.  Hybrid Woodworks    (Hybrid Woodworking is taken by the Wood Whisperer)

2.  Lab Woodworks  or Woodworks Lab (I work in a lab)

3.  Tech Woodworking

4.  Bay City Woodworks or Bay City woodworking

5.  Tug Woodworks

6.  Basement Woodworks

7.  Electric Woodworks

8.  Hybrid Workshop

9.  Fusion Workshop

10  Mind's Eye Workshop

11 Zen Woodworking

12  Matrix woodworks

13  Workshop Daddy

14  Great Lakes Woodworks

15  Woodnut

16.  Tugnut Workshop




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Here my attempt at some ideas


WoodNut WoodShop

Transformin Woodshop

Tugnut woodworks

Nuts and Bolts Woodworking

Energized Woodworking and Design


Wired Wood Works

Current Through Wood

Tug's Wood Works

Juiced Wood Working

Live WoodWorks'

Amped wood working

Wood Circuit

Cordless Wood and Design

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A cut above. 

Tug Blocks

Tug cutting blocks

Chef Board, your fine cutlery deserves a board as quality as your knives.


or is your board worthy of your knives.


dont trust your knives to just any board. That's why fine chefs choose Chefs board.




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