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So of course it happens again


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Haha, it was stuck to the top of a Ridgid case that must have been to greazy for the inside of their Civic. Looks like they just dumped the contents and the tick fell out and they left it behind. Probably has more to do with it not being expensive looking. Between pickups so this one was actually left in the equipment yard at work where it was ripped off sometime last night. Luckily with being between pickups not everything was in there so they only grabbed like $1500 in power tools  and left the hand tools. Word is they hit the yards of all the trucking companies. Lot of service trucks broken into. Stupid thing is they took my bin of like $300 (not my $300) in specialty and random air brake fittings that took over a year to amass. If DeWalt really does offer a $19/month tool tracking I'm going to buy one each month and leave it out on weekends. Then my Monday hobby can be to sit across the street and eat popcorn and watch SWAT bust in some doors.

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