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Hitachi sold?


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From their FAQ page.


Why is the brand changing from HITACHI to HiKOKI?

With our new partnership with KKR, the change in brand is part of the strategy to aggressively grow our company worldwide by delivering significantly more innovation and a wider range of products for tradespeople.

Click here to find out more.

What will happen to the existing HITACHI Power Tools?

Only the name will change on the side of existing models. The tools themselves won't change, the model numbers will be exactly the same, and all spare parts will remain available.

However a much wider range of tools and accessories will be released under the new HiKOKI name, starting from October 2018.

Will HiKOKI 18V tools be compatible with my existing HITACHI tools?

Of course. The existing tools will be exactly the same as they are now. The 18V platform remains unchanged throughout the transition - all 18V slide tools will remain compatible.

What sort of new innovations will I see from HiKOKI Power Tools?

More of the state of the art innovative technology that you've been seeing from Hitachi over the past couple of years - leading edge High Capacity battery technology, the most advanced Cordless Drills, Impact Drivers and Wrenches, more AC Brushless tools, just to name a few. With our new resources however, you can expect to see lots lots more of these products, faster.

Who is KKR?

KKR is one of the world's largest investment companies, a partner with many industry leading businesses around the world, including Panasonic Healthcare, Pioneer DJ, Sonos, Haier, and now Hitachi Koki.

So it's not like their changing the name to somehow add in KKR. Why even change it? People know Hitachi. HiKOKI sounds like a Harbor Freight brand. Will Metabo be renamed to MeKOKI as well?

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OTT already posted about the change. I wasn't sure if this was also going to happen in the USA though. I wonder why the name didn't transfer with the purchase. With TTI they licensed the Ryobi name, and then you have the Ridgid deal which is even more confusing. This is going to confuse some people.

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I hope they change their mind on the re-branding because it's preposterously stupid.  Hikoki sounds like some cheap no name Chinese brand, and thats what 95% of consumers in the US will think it is.  This is the kind of corporate idiocy that only grossly overpaid and out of touch executives could concive of. 

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I know it's been a long time since news broke that Hitachi would be rebranded Metabo HPT but I still can't get over the stupidity of this new name.


Anything that's 6 syllables long for a tool company is 3 syllables too much. Not to mention that these new Metabo HPT tools won't share Metabo batteries and vice versa. I don't think Metabo is as popular a name in power tools among mainstream users as this forum would have you believe.

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I agree with the Metabo HPT name being a bad choice. I'm in Australia and I think the Hikoki name is ok, although I don't really understand why they can't just keep using Hitachi. It seems stupid to start over again and try to build up a name and reputation from scratch (assuming Hitachi was pretty well regarded, which I think it is was). 


Anyway, I've recently bought into their line-up and eagerly awaiting their new tools. Ergonomics and build quality are great! Can't wait. 



Edit: I now get why they couldn't keep the Hitachi name; Hitachi as a whole wasn't sold, it was only the tool part of their company (hence the tools require a new name). Should have used Hikoki globally though! 

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