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DCL077 Task Light - Mounting Options


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First of all, this light is pretty great. Throws a huge amount of light. I bought it primarily for when I'm working in parking garages or construction sites with limited power/lighting. 


I've seen complaints about limited mounting/attachment options, and I agree....I think for the price ($99), they could have included a couple of pieces to give the user some options.


With that said, I bought a coated magnet and a clamp, both with a 1/4" 20 threaded post. The magnet will work great for on top of the van when working overhead and the clamp will work good for attaching to a ladder or cart. 


I'm also going to pick up a knob similar to the last photo. It'll actually work better than the clamp in some applications. 


Anyway, just some ideas...






















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Here's the light mounted to the ladder I use the most. Drilled a hole through the rubber handle and metal crossbar of the ladder so the threaded portion of the 1/4" 20 knob can be inserted through and thread into the handle of the light. Tightening it against the rubber also helps ensure the light isn't going to spin like it might on bare metal. 








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When you're as late to the game as dewalt was with this light why would they not incorporate more hanging options.  I have the original m18 flood light and the new flood light with swivel head.  While the original was nice and bright its not nearly as versatile as the new one with a built in magnet and clamp.  You can attach it to all sorts of surfaces and the the swivel allows you to focus the light where you need it.

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