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12V MAX RADIO/CHARGER. I waited and waited since the 12v max line came out for a 12v max radio but i ran out of patiance and got the milwaukee. its perfect for me and alot of people i know but having to carry the charger with it is a MAJOR DRAG. if dewalt comes out with one i will thow my milwaukee in the garbage and get the dewalt right away.

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Today when I was at the wholesaler ( not sure if correct english word ) I talked with the guy that is responsible for the tools. They sell Dewalt, Makita and Hitachi there. He told me that he just before I came in to the shop have talked with Dewalt just mintues ago. They told him that the new 18 v and and I gues 14 v drills will all be partial new. They seems to keep the motors and gearbox but all new case. It will be slide battery like on the 12 v max for better feling and grip.

Personaly I´ve no problem with the stick into battery like on the DCD 970. But maybee if you have small hands that can be an isue. I bought my DCD 970 not even a year ago and they will allready come with a new model!!!

However, the will continue to make the ( old ) kind of battery and for what I understood they will also keep the DCD 970 for a long time. I hope so because I need to buy a DC212KL and of course I want to be able to also use this battery in my drill. I do not want a drill and a concrete hammer drill with two kinds of battery. The swapping posibility is very important to me.

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So maybee it is more than just cosmetics? Stronger, lighter better? Anyway, I think the DCD970 is so fantastic I will keep it for many years to come. It is to expensive to change drills just because a new model is coming out.

I do not think you can imagine what a drill like the DCD970 cost in Sweden. Nearly 500 euro. I´m not sure about todays value on dollars contra swedish krona but I guess 5000 Swedish krona is about 800 dollars. So I actually take good care of my tools.

Just checked up the dolar. The DCD970 cost today 774 dollar in sweden. How much do you pay in US?

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WOW! $139.00 for the bare tool ( no batteries or charger) $329.00 from the local Retailers, $250 range on Amazon.com and Ebay.com.

I met a guy locally once who purchased all of his tools here, and shipped them to the UK. Said it saved him over 50% to buy them here and ship them over.

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