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Cheap CNC machine


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I was wondering how cheap i could make a functioning cnc router. I was debating about using an arduino uno (clones for about $1, Original for about $35) and some ebay H-bridge chips to control large dc motors that i have gotten for free out of old drills and recip saws. Using some hardware store threaded rod and nuts as well as copper pipe and some pipe couplers for the bushings. The copper pipe may be one of the most sturdy and cheap ways of linear motion. Utilizing a dremel or similar for a spindle or even a brush less quadcopter motor.

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Cooper pipe is soft and will flex to much. When the bit hits the material the force on the bit pushing one way the the drive motors pushing another way could cause binding.


Check this out it cost $700 for the kit or you can buy just the parts you need to make your own


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