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Milwaukee Predictions?


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Right off the top a Fuel SDS drill is going to happen. I'm also thinking a Fuel hole hog, 71/4" fuel circular saw is pretty much confirmed, Brushless M12 smf M18 multi-toold or at least one of them. Others on my mind is a M18 Fuel metal cutting circular saw. A M18 fuel wet dry vac is on my wish list but leery on that happening. I'm not sure on the 1/2" m12 fuel impact, the modular M12 drill, and miter saw.

I also wonder bout the M!2 ratchets I think they might go fuel but not sure if its going to be this year. I have the same thoughs on their jig saws not getting updated yet.


The other thing is I don't expect to see updated M18 fuel drills and Impact drivers this year. I think next year is the year we see that update.


I honestly don't see any M28 fuel tools happening I think that line is doa now. The M18 fuel tools offer pretty close to the same

performance now.


I also think modular storage is off the table because they just did the new tool box and bucket. I think they might just be messing with us on that one. Modular storage is pretty hard to ignore how all the "major" brands offer at least on system some like Dewalt offer 2


Who knows with Milwaukee they can throw out some major curve balls some times.


Wow, that really ended up be way more wordy and rambling that even I expected!! :)

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Beats me Travis. But....I wouldn't mind seeing an M12 Multi-tool with the title FUEL added to it. I'd also like to see if they are going to keep their cordless M12 Jigsaw and add a new moniker....."FUEL". Maybe add the M18 FUEL Jigsaw??????Hmmmmmmmm??????

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I am going to guess the following....based on UK releases & "oops releases" here by some distributors....


- M18 FUEL 7 1/4" Circular Saw

- M18 FUEL Mitre Saw

- M18 Metal Cutting Circular Saw

- M12 FUEL 1/2" Impact

- M12 1/2" Impact

- M12 4-in-1 Drill/Driver system (replaceable heads)


Off the top of my head, I would hope the following will be released too....


- M12 Bluetooth Radio/Charger

- M18/M12 COMBO Bluetooth Radio/Charger

- Stackable storage container system

- M18 FUEL Oscillating Tool

- M12/M18 Cordless Fan

- M18 FUEL Nailers





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What I'd like to see:

M12 Fuel

1/4" & 3/8" ratchet

Oscillating Multi-tool

M18 Fuel

Drill/hammer drill smaller than the 2603/2604 but stronger than M12

Oscillating Multi-tool

Multi pack charger that does both M12 and M18 batteries

I guess I'm just going to have to buy the non-Fuel versions for Big Red to move on my wishes, LOL

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Well, according to Toolguyd, there's going to be an M12 Fuel circular saw, though I can't tell what the blade size is; a 1/2" drive M12 impact wrench that I will probably have to buy, though I have no idea why; a multi-platform six pack charger (yay!); and an IR Hammerheadesque right angle impact wrench in the M18 line. I haven't even caught up with the M18 stuff I want, and they drop this on me! :)

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That m12 full circular saw does look sweet!

Any word on the m12 4 in 1 drill (eccentric, right angle, Jacobs and 1/4" quick chuck) I 2nd love to see that in the states

Both the 4 in 1 and the M18 miter were no shows from what I understand.

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Both the 4 in 1 and the M18 miter were no shows from what I understand.

I know... what a bummer

I actually sent Milwaukee a comment on their website about the 4 in 1 drill and how they should bring it to the US, also make it fuel (doesn't look to be in the pictures)

Everyone else who wants it should also take 1 minute to send an email/comment to Milwaukee about it and maybe if they hear it enough they will do it!!

Model # is BDDXKIT-202C

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