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Festool multitool at toolnut


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whats this Bosch gig I'm hearing about??   i though you were my Festool homie on TIA.. you know we don't have the numbers here that we do on FOG.. We have to stick together  :)

Running joke from last year...Regopit superimposed a pic of me, Eric and Dan on the gay a$5 Bosch Chino dorks model,ing in Prague or something! Don't worry NE...you and me.....Festool! Green Baby.....GREEN!!!!!

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Not to derail this awkward thread about ugly dudes in ugly clothes, but I hope that Dan and Eric can put together a tool fight between the new Fein 350 watt OMT and the Festool. I want the orange one pretty badly...

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from my understanding, the Vecturo is based almost 100% off the Fein Supercut..  there is talk that Fein actually makes the bulk of the tool for Festool then Festool adds their own housing, plug it cord and developed their own bases like the plunge base.  

Im not saying this is 100% factual but its just what i have heard.


Case and point.. it has been proven that the Festool Plunge base will mount directly to the Fein Supercut    so if you already have the Supercut and you are really digging the plunge base, order up!!  also the blades are interchangeable between both units


Sooo   while i would like to see a comparison between the 350 and the Vecturo (to know if and how much better it is for the money)  a comparison between the 350 and the Supercut should yield the same results and might be more feasible in the near future


I posted this in another thread also, but i would love to see a compairson that included the 250, 350 and supercut    to know, if you were only considering Fein, which was the best bet

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