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today's craigslist event


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alright here is my story for you guys....

it all begun while.....

i was having lunch, during that i checked craigslist.

then i saw this ad (picture on the bottom of the thread)

call the person and she told me that so many people called her already and they were asking so many questions.

like: is the whole set for free, table and chairs, or are the pictures free too and many more.

the lady on the phone told me that she will write down my name and cell # and she will call me back.

within 2 mins she called back and said, im sick of those people who ask so many questions about that picture i posted. YOU can have the glass top, you was easy and not complicated. i came straight to the point.

so i told her i need a few hours to build a rack to transport the glass top and travel time due to the bad weather. because those people here in the desert they cant fu**ing drive when a few drops of rain are coming down.

but it rained hard today - actually since yesterday.

anyway i build this glass rack for my dodge quick (wont win a beauty contest but it did made the job, to bring the glass top safe home).

so i picked it up and while i was in the house we kept talking about those people who called her :D so funny


the glass top gonna be used for a nice dining room table. maybe i gonna build a metal or wood base for it.

i will see when i find the time to do that....still have the garage and termite project in my neck.








oh here in the background you guys can see my neighbor, he still has his x-mas lights on :D :D


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damit comp!!  i wanted the brown chair....   ok, madman.. ask her how much for the blue plate :)



sweet deal man, a piece of glass like that isnt cheap.     also, fine job with the a-frame!!

thanks NER. 


MM did you use a Bosch driver to put those screws in that frame.  And was that a termite crawling up the garage wall.

are their any other brands on the market? i just know bosch :P

are you sure that you saw a termite at the wall? hes prolly laughing at me. ill grab my flamethrower and get him.

free works always. ya that piece is kinda heavy too - 3/8" glass

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