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I got hooked up with this great freebie!


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I'll try to keep this story as quick as possible!

So I needed to clear some ice off a customers roof a few weeks ago and needed to rent a 32' ladder to do so.. I only have up to 24' and didn't want to rush into buying a bigger one, a $400 purchase is something I want to research a bit and look for deals.
later that day I told my dad about renting the ladder and he mentioned to me that a neighbor of his (good friend of the family) had a 28' (which would work)
Well I had done a bunch of work for that neighbor over the summer and just the other day they asked me if I could come back to adjust a few cabinet door hinges. While I was there doing the work I inquired about the ladder.. before I could finish my entire thought he basically cut me off and told me I could have the ladder to keep for free!! I was shocked and in disbelief. I asked him multiple times if he was sure and he kept insisting. He said if he keeps it he is only going to try to do something beyond his skill level and end up hurting himself (he's getting older and has knee issues)

my worker and i ended up helping him move a few things around the house and out of the basement as a gesture of thanks. That only took about an hour of my time.

I didn't have high hopes for it being a very nice ladder (I had still never seen it to this point) but was pleasantly surprised when I saw it..

It was an almost brand new condition (less a little aluminum surface oxidation) made in the USA, Bauer corporation 28' Type 1A heavy duty ladder. This thing is $417 new!!



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Thanks guys! I was pretty blown away with him giving it to me.. I was thinking of asking him if he would be OK with me borrowing it in the future but he cut me off before I could get that far!!

It's crazy that a few weeks ago I was contemplating buying one but decided to rent instead and wait until the summer (when I know I'll need one again for a job) .. now just a few weeks later I get handed one! It's funny how the world works sometimes :)

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Just goes to show how good customer appreciation is.



that is great to see .....paying it forward some times 


Yeah, I like to think that i have taken pretty good care of this customer over the years and maintain a great relationship with them. that must have helped.. its really how i approach every job and customer though.. give them my 100% best work, be fair and honest and it has treated me very well so far.  a over the top referral is worth way more than any amount of advertising i could ever do.. also you maintain repeat customers and customers who no longer price compare when looking to have a job done, they want me for the job no matter what and that feels great!    getting a gift like this is just the icing on the cake!!

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Nice score. I know that you can always find a ton of ladders on craigslist.


this probably would have been one of the sources i would have explored before i bought my own because you can definitely find some great deals on there..   i often wonder how many of them are hot though.     i don't think i could buy one, no matter how good the deal if the person selling it seemed like they stole it. 

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