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Solar Panels


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Tomorrow i have an appointment with a local solar company.

i already had the company over from HomeDepot, but thats BS to me...leasing a system.

and you still have to pay $150 a month.

that amount is actually for paying of the panels lol, so after 20 years you own the system.

but they dont tell you that!!!!

i want see ZERO on my electric bill.

the money i save each month can go towards paying off the solar system.

plus when you lease the system, the company gets all the tax deduction and rebates, plus they sell the overproduction the the electric company.

so; they are going to come out and give me an estimate for a solar system on the house.

kinda sick of paying 300-500 bucks a month for the damn HVAC system.

everytime it kicks in, heating or cooling down the house, the meter goes 4 times faster than normal.


i checked that our average usage per year (2014) is/was 1034 kWh

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300-500 a month brother? Do you leave your windows open? That's a pretty high number. I helped a friend install his panels. It was pretty cool. He had a few set up on a sun tracker that he made. He made everything himself in his garage.

thats when you live in the desert :P

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vegas is pretty hot. i lived there myself for 2 years.

then moved away from there but still inthe desert.

vegas sucks because even during the night i never cools down. stays 85.

here were i live now, ya its warm during the day, but as soon as the sun goes down at 7pm - you can feel it and the temp drops down to 70/75

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You can't use a swamp cooler? It sucks here in Michigan we get the heat and humidity so you can only use AC to cool the house. The other thing that really sucks is we lost all of our trees to the emerald ash borer we don't get any relief from the afternoon sun in the summer. Our cooling bills in the summer are pretty expensive :( I wish I had geo thermal heating and cooling.

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i pulled the trigger today and purchased a solar system.

the system will be installed in the next 2 weeks and takes about 2-3 days. cant wait to get the panels on roof.

Given the amount of electricity you use on average, how long do you anticipate it will tale for you to break even?
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break even actually after 1month because we wont have a electric bill...

that money we are saving goes towards the solar system.

we used 12.500kw last year, so our average per month is 1034kwh

right now we are paying and average of $200 each month to the electric company. blowing out money!!!

sometimes during the summer we hit $300-$400; december as well due to heating and x-mas lights

the system will be paid of within 5years

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How much is the fee to the electric company every month for letting you use the solar? I heard they have this fee but never knew what it was. Can't believe you will have a zero electric bill even with the solar panels. Do as much research as you can on total cost and how long before you break even. Good luck and let us know how it works for you. I too live in a place that has very high heat in the summer. Inland Empire about 4 hours from Vegas. 

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beaumont is right around the corner :P

i eat sometimes at gramma's country kitchen, really good food!

the amount of solar panels are calculated by the average kwh-usage. we will get 28 panels.

the solar guy told us that edison(the electric company) charges him sometimes 20 cents or so

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Grandma's country kitchen is pretty good. Eaten there a couple of times, long drive from Palm Springs though. About 28 miles I think. I heard there is a monthly fee you have to pay the electric company to allow you to use the panels, is that true?   

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