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WHO YA GOT?!: Portable Air Compressors


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Does anyone know how I can quiet my air compressor? I have the harbor freight 21 gallon air compressor which is their best seller cause its a good unit, I like it. The only problem is, the majority of the noise is coming from the intake port. I tried to stick some more air filtration foam into the air filter housing but that hasn't made much of a difference. Is there some kind of air filter/muffler that I can put on that dam thing to make it quieter? I can't run it without wearing hearing protection its so loud. lol

You should be able to get an air filter/ silencer for the intake. I know grainger carries Solberg, but I couldn't tell you who the best brand is. Should help you out some. We had some on a couple compressors in the shop.

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If you're just wanting to spend lots of money, you could always go with the Ryobi One+ Angled Finish Nailer ($269) and the Ryobi One+ portable inflator ($40) a couple of One+ batteries ($100) and a charger ($45).   So for a mere $550, you can set yourself up for cordless nailing, take your inflator out into the world without a plug and have a couple of extra batteries to keep it all going.


Psh, who needs a compressor with all that noise :D

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It all depends on how much you want to spend.  You could go as low as $40 with Harbor Freight's 3 gallon pancake which would do the job.  I have the Porter Cable 6 gallon pancake with a 0.8 HP motor that you can find on sale for about $100.  It fills up fast and can run a finish nailer all day long but it is loud!  I mean loud! I know there are other higher priced options but it sounds like you could get by with something under $100.

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For my small portable compressor I have a porter cable pancake compressor. I got it at hd years ago with two guns. It has seen some abuse, and still works perfectly

Same here Paul, and for all the abuse I have given it should have been dead years ago. It's a good little compressor, it's only downside is that it's a bit noisy.

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