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Remodel underway


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Here are a few pictures of the living and dining room underway......Our home was built in the late 60's and my wife and I bought it in 1989, we did the typical paint and minor fixes through out the years but now that were both entering our later years and really have no plans on moving plus the house has been paid off several years we decided to completely reno every room. The living and dining room had such a bad texture job originally that we decided to re-texture.......so far in the living room I have completed the skim coat, texture, paint, LED can lights, fan, crown molding and swithes & recptecles. I re-did the stone work around the fireplace about 15 years back but were kicking around in re-doing that before the wood floors go down. The dining room was skim coated, textured, painted, crown molding and wood floors I comleted today. This coming week I'll get the base and casings completed and jump back to the living room. So far the dedicated listening room is complete, an area we call the pantry and laundry room......still have alot of work to do, were planning on re-doing three bathrooms, four bed rooms, hallways, kitchen, entery hall and family room. I hope I'm not in a wheel chair before I'm done LOL!!!


post-51163-0-69051700-1437357222_thumb.j  (Living room)


post-51163-0-48829300-1437357263_thumb.j  (Dining room)


post-51163-0-26656200-1437357307_thumb.j  (Listening room)

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You got that right, what are you thinking for the fireplace??

The existing stone is four feet high so was kicking around doing black granite sub way tiles runing bond up about 3 feet give or take then a cane then some 2 x 2 then another cane then a chair rail of some sort and fianally cap with 2 inch thick black granite. The 2x2 would be of similar color as the sub way tile but have a bit of contrast. Also thinking 12 x 12 for the face but no runing bond...The black granite has just a smidge of spec through out.

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Wow it sounds like you have spent some sleepless nights thinking about this you got all the details down packed! A lot of people like granite fireplaces if the wife likes go with it :)


I could bank some points with the wife then I could buy some more tools I've been eying ha, ha......

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The listening room is awesome! I could see myself there listening to the pops and cracks of the vinyl. I'm adding listening room to my dream home, didn't know of such a room. Best of luck with the remodel.


Appreciate the kind words......its my place to decompress from lifes twist and turns plus my wife has no say what I do to the room, LOL ::)

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The crown molding....the corner overlays...aren't just as the corners. Very cool. Covering breaks in trim or simply decorative?

 Its crown molding for dummies LOL!!......we wanted some type of corner decorative and ran across these kits, they have four corners and four straights and enough crown to do about 100 L.F. for just under a $100. Since I'm not a pro when it comes to crown I thought these kits would be ideal. I like where you can just make stadard cuts with out using a jig for the butts and corners......you can also buy outside corners, inside corners and straights seperatly for different room configurations. A crown pro would most likely dis the kits but it looks nice, easy to install if you haven't done a whole lot of crown and the price is right ::)

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