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I hate tool/equitment failure


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Nothing like tools or equitment failing on you.

I've had a add on local classifieds for basic welding work. It's been somewhat successful. Got a call Wednesday afternoon an went this morning to meet someone for a little side job. Just had to weld a end plate to a skid steer bucket.

I got there fired up my miller trailblazer 325 diesel witch is a engine driven welder an generator. Got my angle grinder an cleaned up the area I need to weld. Go to weld an nothing, I couldn't even strike a arc.

Guy was watching me so I just played it cool like actually I think i am gonna mig. I was hoping that it was just some glitch in the pc board or something non crucial. Get my wire feeder out set it up an still nothing.

I am so mad at myself an my welder for failing. I looked like a idiot but more importantly this guy ain't gonna be calling back or recommending me. I said I could do a job an couldn't do it.

So I drove over to the service center about a hour an a half away. I explained the problem an there like well we can look at it Monday. I said ok but can you get it out of my truck. So they get the forklift an lift it out. Dude on the forklift was completely careless. Forklift had a boom attachment on the forks an just lifted from the lifting point. He turned real quik an just barely cleared my toolbox as it spun. Then goes to put it down an lowered it pretty quickly as it slammed to the ground.

So currently I have paperweight sitting at the dealer. I take pride in my tools an it's been a great welder till now. It only has like 600 hours on it, most of witch were just generator hours. I have always maintained it according to manufacture maintenance schedule.

I mean if a grinder fails I have extras or can just get one cheap at Home Depot. Without my welder thoe I am screwed.

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yup crying shame you invest big money to make money and it fails on you not only are you dead in the water ya look stupid.........back in the day if something like that happened we were lucky to have a back up. sorry for your loss........ 

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I hope I can get it fixed soon to, also without to much hassle or cost.

Unfortinaly Ime not at that point were I can afford a second one. The manufacturer sticker price is 12k. It's my most expensive tool. It's also the tool that enables to me make money.

Down the road when I buy a little bit bigger welder i will keep this one for backup. In the mean time my trailblazer is my lifeline.

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Ouch 12k. That sucks but what can you do. Maybe if it gets fixed offer that customer to do the job for a discount to build some good will and maybe he'll understand even good equipment goes down. There isn't much you can do when big stuff fails. Good luck.

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Well guys i got a call. She is good to go. Basically one of the lead terminals came loose an didn't contact. I feel stupid not noticing but I didn't really look to deep. I go pick her up today.

For diesel engine drives 12k is the low end. I didn't pay 12k msrp as it was on sale but it still was more then decent used car. You can spend 35+ on just a machine, but those are the bigger models you see on heavy service trucks or solely welding trucks.

The trailblazer line itself comes in gas, LP, or diesel. the gas models are obvisouly cheapest. As far as models it comes in 275 gas or LP, 302 airpack gas, an 325 gas or diesel. From there there's options on the gas models such as efi, different model gas engine, excel power, gfci outlet an battery chargers. The diesel just has optional excel power or gfci outlets or neither. The LP model only comes in a model with excel power an gfci outlets.

Of course now those are just the machines. That doesn't include your accessories. I have stick leads, 2 wire feeders, an wireless remote. There's more stuff available but I don't have them. I have considered a push pull feeder an gun to do aluminum welding. I don't think the cost is worth it for the amount of aluminum work I would probably do, so I won't get it.

The guy was pretty irritated. I called him after I heard from dealer knowing I was good to go. I offered to do it late tonight an he said he already got someone else. I just said if anything else comes up I would like to do it at discounted rate so just let me know.

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