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Upgraded my impact case


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So I've have my DCF895C2 case since I got the thing a few years ago, and I've used it as sort of a "grab and go, do all".  I managed to fit quite a lot in that little thing (I don't lug around the charger).  But recently I decided to get a slightly larger case so I could carry more accessories with me, went with the rigid 22in pro tool box since the dewalt tough box is twice the price and my local HD no longer carries them.  So just thought I'd post some pics, and ask for suggestions/advice on what else you/I should carry in this fancy new box! So if anyone has any favorite accessories I should add let me know!


Here's my old setup. As you can see, it was packed. And yes the lid closed un-impeded.  Weight 9.2 lbs.



Here's my new one, lots more room. But a lot heavier, but with more protection. Also, it had a weird smell and I had to leave it open and outside for a day. Weight 21.8 lbs.



Size comparison,  the Rigid is almost twice as big.



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Personally, I really like it. I wish DeWalt made a case like that that had the dovetails in to put the inserts from their bit cases right in. Those cases waste a lot of space IMO. Especially if you have them inside another box like you do there. I like the look of these cases too. Seem sturdy especially for the price. I might just do this myself now that I saw your setup.

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