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Track saw or Table saw?


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I post a lot about new tools and most of the time I post things to get a feel for their worth. I enjoy the feedback good and bad so I can make a great choice and thus far it has worked well.


so today the question is... a new table saw or a new track saw?


I already have a table saw, its a DeWalt contractor portable one... cant remember the model number off hand but it cuts pretty well for being a second owner..


I want a saw for the "shop" meaning the garage. and space is an issue so it makes sense to go with a track saw right?


here are the options I have been looking at...


Ridgid 10" cast iron table saw - R4512


DeWalt track saw kit with the 59" and 102" track - DWS520CK


Festool TS 55 REQ with 55" track.


the ridgid is the cheapest of the 3 but seeing as I already have one that works, just a little small for some cuts. it would make more sense to spend the money on the track saw?



Hopefully I can get some input on these, I have NEVER used a track saw but I have heard good things about them so im looking into them more seriously.

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if you have a table  saw then I would buy a track saw.


the only question that you need to answer is whether you cut mostly sheets or solid.

a track saw  excels at sheets but isn't as convenient as a table saw at solid


I have both and wouldn't be without both of them.

its just different tools for different jobs

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ya has a lot to do with what you need....as good as a track saw is for space you still need an area if your cutting from full stock (4x8 sheets ect ect.....) 

table saw you move the stock, track saw you move the saw...

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I had had this same question a while ago. I decided to get the Ridgid 10" Table Saw 4512. It fit my needs better, since I couldn't use a track saw for everything and I decided, I could build my own track saw at a fraction of the cost if I really wanted one. I love the R4512. I have no regrets, and it has the Lifetime Warranty. Hope my suggestion helps.

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well, I find I try to stay away from bigger projects for the simple reason its awkward to use the table saw I have to cut down the big sheets. ill be honest and say I really don't need either to do projects since I have tools that can do the job but just like anything in life... I want newer or better tools. im in the midst of re-organizing the garage so hopefully I will have a better system for woodworking and I can better assess what I need and what I could live with.


its always nice to have a bigger table saw that has a little more power and a truer table top. I like my dewalt one but sometimes I find its a little shaky or awkward to use for some cuts.

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Table saws are nice because you can run a Dado stack, but If I had to do it again I would probably have bough a track saw over a table saw. That's just me.


so your saying that instead of upgrading your old table saw you would have rather bought the track saw instead? because it only seems logical to buy something different to see what works better.


I know that I would stick with what works 90% of the time but some things can be improved. and im seriously leaning toward the festool track saw in the future. I just looked on their website and saw they have some cordless versions which I think would be pretty sweet... not sure what the runtime is on them but im sure in a shop setting there would be very little issue of having no battery charged.

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It really depends on needs, track saws are best suited for sheet goods, adjusting or shortening doors and finally decking. Cutting off the over hang of deck boards.

These are really the only things they are great for, they can come in use for a few other jobs but these are the big majority of why they're bought.

I've used the festool track saw for a few years and it's a very nice machine, would recommend it. Same with the ridgid table saw. I've had no issues with either. But I've never had my hands on the dewalt. It's all about what you'll be needing from the tool.

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Chewie, don't know why I didn't see this post but...

I run the Dewalt DW745 contractor saw and a Festool TS55REQ track saw. I wish I had a table saw but.....if you have seen my shop post, I have very limited room. So, I am running the contractor saw and TS. When I move to another shop (hopefully above ground) I will end up adding a SawStop contractor or cabinet saw. But.... Depending on money and space and when you do, I am making the small table saw and TS work right now.

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