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I want this little socket set so bad!!! Look at the finish on it!


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ya that would make a great gift for the guys in a wedding party, I mean come on how many bill folds do I need.....lol

back when my buddies and I were at the age to get married we were going to weddings every second weekend it seemed and more than half I was in the wedding party....

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On another forum Ash from German-hand-tools.com is offering half price off catalog(which is cost) until the end of December, you have to email him and pay shipping. They do not have this set in the catalog but he may have it. They have other sets, including a set that is basically this but in a plastic case for $45. Shipping will probably be around $8-10.


Hope I don't get in trouble for linking to another forum but limited time left on the offer: http://www.garagejournal.com/forum/showthread.php?t=309158


I ordered a full set of screwdrivers, a T-handle, a bit holder, the ratchet, a precision screwdriver set and some bits. I'm EXTREMELY happy with everything I bought, very high quality tools. The ratchet is soo smooth that you can make it ratchet just by putting pressure on the back with your thumb. My only complaint is that I wish the precision screwdriver case was a bit more sturdy, it's flexible plastic and the tray on the inside is rather cheap...but the machining on the tips is very nice and I paid under $17 for them with the discount. I bought a roll up pouch similar to what the Wihas come with.

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