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Thanks to My Wife....Got a New Guy For The Shop......


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well this morning while having my morning coffee wife says you need a Band saw? I say what kind of band saw?

she says one of her friends father has one in her garage and she wants it out of there

I say find out what kind how old and how much.....

she says let's just go look, if you want it I will get it for you.........

Long story short, he bought it Dec 2013 used it for about 3/4 of an hour and decided to move away been sitting in her garage in her way ever since.......

So we get there and see this........I say how much does she want because new they are around $800+ with tax, she says she wants $200 and most importantly she wants it out of her way ASAP.........well as you can see it is in my shop......




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got a phone call from wife's friend......she says there was a box of stuff she thinks went with the bandsaw....so I go get it and sure enough....a brand new rolling cart with some resaw jigs and 2 brand new blades....the gift that keeps on giving....lol



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ya the 14" pretty much look pretty close to one another until you get into laguna then you step up huge in price also......ceramic guides, carter tensioners.....

nice thing about this one is you can run it 110V or 220V and the motor is in bottom cabinet so nice and quiet plus it has 3 speeds ......let me know when ya get it I will share some awesome tips for set up.....

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thanks guys, well tell ya what if you don't know me by now, I save and collect stuff almost as bad as collecting tools.....jbw55 actually started a thread about collections and I should have made a post about my stuff.....wife calls it junk and she is not completely wrong a lot of it is while sitting by itself or until I find a use for it....anyway the new bandsaw I just got troubled me without a light so I rummaged thru my stuff...and found a perfect light for it.....I mounted it so I could easily wire it to the main power to the saw so the light can stay on or I can turn it off with it's own switch......here is what it ended up looking like....I say you would think it came like that.....did I mention it's an LED light....lol





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Sweet! A band saw is the last absolutely needed tool in my workshop, then I can start getting toys like a CNC, 3D Printer, Laser Cutter.. ETC...

I would love to get my hands on a 3D printer. Have you ever had the chance to use one?

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