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M18 radio issue


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What phone are you using?  The reason I ask is, there are various versions of Bluetooth and it may not be compatible. Sometimes deleting the bluetooth profile on the phone, and re-pair it might help.  Once I know what phone you have, I might have a better solution for you.

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Most phones share antennas for Bluetooth and wifi. This can cause issues with Bluetooth streaming while using wifi. A simple test is to turn off wifi and see if the streaming clears up. My m12 Bluetooth speaker does this sometimes with my iPhone 6. Turning off wifi always corrects it. It didn't do it on iOS 8 but since I installed iOS 9 beta it glitches out.

Try it.

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Turning off wifi would suck than I could not efficiently stream music as I would always have to be on cellular. Again the phone an htc one m8 bluetooth's fine with the car and my daughter 's Pill(even on wifi).


Turning off WiFi won't do much good anyway. I think the problem is that your phone is selecting HSP instead of A2DP (or AVRCP). Try installing an app such as A2DP Switcher from the Play store. When you run it, it should list your radio, and you can use that app to select it. It should force A2DP.


Out of curiosity, how does the radio appear in your list of bluetooth devices, for example:


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