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What are these bit for

jon burgess

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they are known as fostner bits, for drilling  thru or flat bottom holes...not that terribly old they were designed long ago to remove knots in wood so the hole could be refilled....but they are used for more and more things 

and the straight one are called straight flute reamers.....used for very tight tolerance holes 

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Yup. Forstner bits. Lots of uses. It can be quite challenging to use in a hand drill as they tend to skip. If you must use in a hand drill, and you have the depth to work with, a pilot hole of the exact same diameter will help with alignment and flatten out the bottom of the hole.

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Forstner bits are used when you need a hole that doesn't go all the way through the material. Using a forstner bit will ensure the bottom of the hole is smooth and the bit will not 'pull through'

If you try do drill a hole halfway through material with a regular 'twist' bit, the bit will mostlikly 'pull' too far through the material. A similar bit know as a hole saw is used when you want to bore large holes all the way through material.

As for the reamer, ... Drill bits are not exactly precise in diameter. If you needed a hole with a precision tolerance, you would first drill with appropriate twist bit, then come back and 'drill' with the reamer.

I assume you're grandfather did some metal work? Often those tools are used with mills & drill-press

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