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House project


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I had large (12in reveal) cedar shakes with some sort of fiber matting in between rows. Yes it's a lot of work but I am at the home stretch (for now)

For now is the key there. My honey do list keeps getting longer with more and more involved projects. I just see it as an excuse to buy new tools!

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Thanks guys I'm glad to see its resembling a house again lol can wait until the outside is buttoned up so I can relax for 5 min this has been a huge undertaking for a summer project



Had to tear down and rebuild this bad Larry too





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Hatters512: The siding was large cedar shakes with some fiber board in between the rows which is where a lot of my issues started as this was harboring enemies.....I mean insects! I declared war on termites, carpenter ants, Yellow Jackets/Wasps, and bees. Now with the fiber cement board it's a big FU to them lol.


Poisonfangs85: I looked into subbing it out but the cost savings was HUGE! in the order of tens of thousands of savings $20-$30K. When I got the quotes I was shocked that's 8 times the material costs, especially since the house was already stripped!

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May need to get some of those strips of metal that go under the last run of shingles. They stop algie from growing and you don't have to go on the roof once. Like magnesium or galvanized. Something, I can't think of what it's called or type of metial. Maybe zink


It is zinc


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For installing with new shingles, yes. But if you already have shingles installed and come back later to put the zinc strip in, use the strips you get in 3' pieces I think it is, they're semi rigid and can slip under the edge of the shingle

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