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DeWalt DCF895D2 - Hex/Allen Extended Bit Sets


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So I just picked up my first impact driver and I have some questions. It’s the DeWalt DCF895D2.

I would like to purchase an extended length Allen Key Set that I can use with my driver. Suggestions?

Something like this:

Also, standard drill bits do not work with the driver, is it recommended not to use this as a drill?

Thank you!

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First off, nice driver man. I'm not sure on where to get those extended hex bits. You should be able to use it as a drill, you would just need to get impact drill bits with a 1/4" shank to fit your driver. I personally use a drill driver for drilling holes, but you should be able to drill with it if you need to.

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Pick up a set of impact drill bits like Kruton said. If they made them big enough I'd go that route myself, but I often need sizes not supported by the 1/4" shank. If this is your problem as well, you can pick up one of those adapters that make a chuck from 1/4" impact shank. Not sure how big they support though. 

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Something like these will work in an impact driver or drill without adapters.  Those particular ones will not hold up to heavy use in an impact driver, but chances are they will work fine for you, and good extended impact rated hex bits are going to be much more expensive.


To use drill bits in your impact driver, you can buy bits with a 1/4 hex shank, use a small chuck that fits in the impact driver, or use bit holders for specific sizes (these usually have a countersink incorporated for screws in wood)

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Allen wrenches are just hex bits, you can purchase hex insert bits to use on your impact.

Just a word of caution some smaller hex screws aren't strong for impact use, especially on r/c. Just be careful not to over torque your screws.

Something to look into that you could still have that 1/4 hex connection is a cordless screw driver. I I have a m12 screw driver that is great for lower torque applications, it will clutch out when you set the torque level appropriately. Impacts are fun and awesome to have by their power can sometimes make things harder than they need to be.


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