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Hilti 12v Hammer Drill Driver Vs. Milwaukee M12 Fuel


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Good day!

This isn't a full tool review, just an initial observation of the new Hilti 12v Drill and a comparison to a Milwaukee 12v Drill that I have had for awhile.

Right out of the box you can see that Hilti spent time on the design. There are no extra ridges or Space Lego molding. It is clean and purposefully built.

The over molded grip is great in the hand.


One thing I have always disliked about the M12 Fuel Drill is how it fits in my hand. The back of the grip sits a little low and makes the drill awkward to grip tightly.

The Hitli grip is more centered and didn't feel awkward with a tight grip.

The overall balance of the Hilti is simply awesome. The Fuel is very top/side heavy. You immediately notice the balance differences when holding them side by side. You also notice the heaviness of the Fuel.

The drill is relatively quiet. No harsh clacking or squelching like the M12.

Size is what you would expect.




The dual LED lights are placed at the bottom near the battery. They work so much better than the M12. The M12 casts a shadow over the drilling area at closer range, the Hilti does not.


The batteries are very compact and the indicator is very easy to see. Charge time is 34 minutes.



Again, this isn't a tool fight!

Hilti has found a perfect spot between the basic Makita/Milwaukee 12v lineups and the M12 Fuel / Entry level 18v lineups. They are not as torquey as the Fuel series, but for its price, you won't mind!

The Hilti kit retails for $239 USD for 3 tools, 2 batteries, charger, bag and belt clips.

It is exceptional value for anyone looking for light duty/service friendly tools.

Here are a few more pics of the kit:




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They are priced in between the M12 line and the M12 Fuel line.

I think the price point is perfect. I almost only use the Hilti 12v for service now. The performance is awesome and the quality is top notch. They don't squeal and clack like the M12 Fuel did and they are much better balanced.

I have used the hammer drill for some 3/16 anchors many times now, works great.

Overall, I think Hilti wanted an affordable set that still had quality. Great way to generate some buzz.

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Think fein might give them a run for their money, they now have a quad speed, brushless 12v! With interchangeable chucks!. I'm a Hilti man through and through but I need a new multi master too and they have a 12v compatible one now so seems they've almost stolen my heart ?. 





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Still kicking myself for not picking up the 18v form tool ut


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I've got the Bosch and Makita 18v so I'm good there but I would like to get my wife a 12v for her projects...plus I just want to buy tools!

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Its still on sale for $379.... or did you mean they had the drills?


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No toolnut back in fall had a 18v 4 speed German made beast drill with 2 big ah batteries for like 179 with swappable chucks, thing was a steal.


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