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More then just Christmas


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I just wanted to say merry Christmas.

More importantly I wanted to say don't forgot all you have. I see a lot of people forgetting all they already have. We often focus more on what we want, Myself included.

I remember last Christmas my family didn't celebrate with presents cause we had a house fire in November. With that money was tight an 5 people in a hotel was Intresting. We were all safe an together. We didn't necisarly have gifts but we had each other. Me an my mom got out of the house ok, I often asked myself what if we didn't get out as we were sleeping. Just weeks before the house fire we put my grandma in a home. She died just a few days after Christmas. My family took care of her 24/7 as she had stage 6 altzimers an physically was not good either. It was a hard time but were doing good now days.

I Say all that to let those know who may be struggling that there not the only ones an things get better one way or another. I know everyone's story is different but things go on one way or another. It's up to us to keep on going.

Attached is a song I always find amazing. No what version or video I see for it its got a great message.


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Merry Christmas Fletcher, I know how you feel....I have 3 children and in their busy lives my wife and I don't always see them as often as we want.....oldest daughter moved away for her career son was away for university and now youngest daughter also moved for work......anyways tonight we had dinner and for a moment it was a great feeling to see them all around the table, talking and laughing about just about everything.. To me there will be nothing under the tree tomorrow morning that will top those moments Merry Christmas all....

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