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Starting All Over Again

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Hey What's Up Crew!


This is NaluRash! I've been MIA because my facebook and twitter got hijacked.


Anyway, this is my new account so I can post stuff here again. It's sad though because I had a ton of posts that no longer count.


Anyway, great to be back here and talking with the crew again. I don't think I will be on Periscope much though, I don't like creating multiple emails.


Take care!

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I was wondering where you've been, welcome back dude, you land any Union gigs yet?


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Man, It's a long story. I'll keep it short.


I went in to pay my union dues and had a talk with one the union reps. He liked my attitude and immediately got me a job that afternoon. I worked for 3 days doing finish carpentry work at Ala Moana Shopping Center (High End Shopping Malls) and really enjoyed the work. During this time, my wife got into a huge fight with my mom. So my wife decided she wanted to move. So I had to quit my Union Job and start the process of moving. I can't transfer my Union membership until after 6 months and my wife wanted to move in the next month. I'll have to start the process all over again in Washington State.

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Nalu! Welcome back bro. I just assumed you were pretty busy with the new career and didn't have much time. Sorry about the family issues man, I'm sure it puts you in a bad situation. Regardless it's good to have you back.

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On TIA you create an account on the site itself, you login with your TIA account. How does getting your facebook account hacked have anything to do with TIA? 0.o

Some people sign up to the form with there Facebook profile. And password. That's how I signed up too. That's the only thing I can think of? I still don't know how that would keep from getting in to the form? Unless they change the password and his name. I guess? Just guessing really.


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Hey crew! Thanks for all the support.


ProTool! It's great to hear from you again man. I was an idiot when I signed up for the forum, I thought that I had to have a Facebook account, so I made one for the sole purpose of going on this forum. Eventually, my Facebook got hacked so I closed the account. That meant I could no longer sign in to this forum. So I created an account the correct way now and I don't have to have a Facebook! Hurray!. Facebook and stuff is not for me, the TIA Forum is all the social that I care for. 

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