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WigWag Charity Auction - Milwaukee 2759 - Milwaukee One-Key Impact Wrench

Eric - TIA

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I would like to thank ChrisK and everyone who helped raise some cash for Stephen for the WigWag Charity Auction DCF887.  We wanted to put up another auction and see if we can raise some additional funds for him.  We want to auction off a Milwaukee 2759 1/2" One Key Impact Wrench. The auction is for the tool, charger and 1 battery.  The battery is a 4Ah battery.


All proceeds go directly to WigWag.  We will cover shipping to the United States.  


We will also donate $2 per hat when someone buys a TIA hat  from today until October 31, 2016.  That's pretty much the profit, well actually more than what we make per hat.


The Auction will end this Sunday, October 16, 2016 at 20:00 hrs.  All proceeds will go directly to WigWag.  We will give the address directly to the winner.



We will put the first bid in at $125



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34 minutes ago, ChrisK said:

Hahahahaha. Can't have any of the red garbage in my new shop!!!!! It'll hide the blood!

bow out Chris, that is just far to much tool for you.......what you are used to DeWalt power right?....lol

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haha Chris, I was born in Italy, lived in Canada most of my life I could careless where my tools come from....

only thing I am concerned with is my "fior di latte" (buffalo mozzarella) is made in Italy.....lol

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