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New Recip


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It's a little odd looking to me, but the ergonomics of it may be comfortable. I'll probably never know since I need another recip saw like I need another hole in my head

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Isn't Hilti coming out with one designed like this one as well? I've been seeing a lot more finally on Instagram for this saw. I only have a compact saw now and it'll either be this one or the Makita


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They had one a few years back.


I have the Makita compact 18v recip. I love it, the dual trigger is awesome. I liked my old M12 fuel recip, but it was way too front heavy.

The newer designs may look funny, but they sure are comfortable and well balanced.


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3 hours ago, Jronman said:

Is it better than the Milwaukee recip? Didn't know if it was allowed to be beaten.

Bosch's recip saw might have fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down but now every recip saw is going to face its retribution. Haha!

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7 hours ago, Bremon said:

You taking her out on a date or taking her to work Justin? Higher stroke per minute would be the real deal for me but you can't say no to ergonomics and orbital. 

Higher strokes per minute? Thought this was set at 2500 ... Which probably makes it a non issue with the orbital and form function anyways

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