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Milwaukee tape measure at home depot


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I saw that you guys have the new Milwaukee tape measure at home depot in the U.S. Dose any one seen it ? I would like to have your feedback on it , it realy looks nice . But out of stuck for online order

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I carry too many tapes on my truck, but they all serve their own purpose:



The 16' self-locking Komelon is for use on smaller jobs...applying vinyl to windows, installing ADA signs, etc.



The 25' Lufkin Self-Centering tape for use on jobs where I repetitively need to find the center on doors, windows, etc.




The 25' FatMax. It's already seen a lot of use and is a little beat up, so I use this for measuring if it's raining/snowing/wet out, in dirt...basically outdoor jobs.




The DeWalt 25' for interior work where it isn't likely to get damaged. This is really best for measuring horizontally. Or if measuring vertically, you better be out of the wind. The hook is so big, it acts like a sail. If there's a breeze and you're trying to measure vertically...it twists too easily.


The Harbor Freight freebie 25' tape for measuring pier depths, around concrete, etc. Don't care if it gets damaged, it's my beater tape.




Just ordered the 3m version of this today. Pretty eager to see how it works. It's a German manufacturer, so I'm guessing it'll be pretty slick. Should work great for hanging sign patterns on walls, vinyl on windows, cutting panels, etc.





..........and that is my "post-pictures-of-my-tape-measures-because-I'm-sitting-with-my-wife-in-the-hospital" post.

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I have the green komelon in 25'. After using that tape, I can't stand using other tapes that don't have the self lock feature. I would like one with the large hooks and a magnet. I seen a komelon with a large hook but it wasn't a self lock. The only one that has both features that I seen was a kobalt but was missing the magnet. I would like one with all three features. Also that self centering feature sounds great.

I also have some of those free harbor freight tapes. They ain't bad for free.

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That's funny...I actually called Komelon after buying that little 16' tape and asked why they couldn't make one with all of the features of their various tape...self-locking, magnetic tip, larger hook. I forget the answer, but I'm with you....I love that little tape. 

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I'm in the same boat as DamnYankee. I have been cleaning out my truck, tool boxes, garage ect. I now have 15 tapes. I was in HD the other day and picked up the Milwaukee with a razor knife $25. They all serve their own purpose I like the magnet and the horizontal and vertical lines on opposite sides of the tape and the Milwaukee knife is nice too.

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