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Disappointed by what Dewalt doesn't do


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I've got a ton of Dewalt tools; 20V / Flexvolt / 40V OPE / Corded...  I shudder to think how much I'm invested in black and yellow.  As I was cruising around Home Depot, I saw some great stuff I would buy today if it was made by Dewalt, but I can't.  Ryobi's 18V line on the other hand is killin' it for the home gamers.  Why doesn't Dewalt make a cordless backpack sprayer or a small inverter that works off of a single battery?  How about a power washer or misting fan that can pull water from a bucket when there's no water on site?  Cordless soldering iron and rotary tools?  Sign me up Ryobi! Dewalt has 23 different drills you can power with a FlexVolt battery, but not a single vacuum for ToughSystem?  Their battery lawn mower uses a pair of 20V batteries, not the 40V they specifically pushed for OPE?


I've got enough Dewalt batteries to rival a Tesla, yet here I am looking at adding another battery from a competitor because Dewalt fell short in their product line.  I'm sorry guys, I needed to vent.  I just hope Dewalt understand that people want capabilities, not another saw that can detect which voltage dewalt battery has been plugged in.  Not every tool needs to be professional, sometimes the home gamers need to get a job done.  Once a guy invests in a single green tool and battery, it's easier to buy even more green at cheaper prices.

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Couldn't agree more.  I feel like they fell asleep at the wheel and have let down their users.  I know Stanley B&D is big and probably doesn't want to heavily invest in the Dewalt line, but it's getting to the point where it's frustrating.  In the 90's, Dewalt was the one to beat and Milwaukee was more of a joke.  Now, the tables have turned. I wish they would give me a reason to invest in their line but as you said, there's nothing there and I don't see them making a push.

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Eh...don’t feel bad. I’ve done the same thing as a mainly-Makita guy. Although there ARE a few tools I think Makita would do well to get serious about introducing, I can’t knock them for not bothering with a glue gun or a mattress inflator. Now that I’m on the Ryobi platform I’m not bothered having the option to go with them for tools I know won’t be used regularly. As a guy that wants to see a good provider of quality tools continue to be successful, sure I’d rather have a Makita option a decent amount of the time. But that’s their choice not to provide it. I hope they don’t bite themselves in the butt too hard purely on account of their own obstinance.

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I agree with you, dewalt needs to pick it up. But Dewalt makes a flexvolt toughsystem dust extractor vacuum for low price $500!!, lol. I just missed one for $250 off ebay last month😥. I own Dewalts greatest piece of innovation the Dewalt Flexvolt/20v Portable Power Station with about 20 batteries (4x 9ah,2x flexvolt 6ah, 2x 8ah, 8x 4ah,8x 2ah, 3ah)so any tool is dewalt cordless; stationary or portable backpack mode. I would buy immediately if dewalt released a double bevel miter but got ridgid for 50%. Milwaukee m18/12 have exploded with new tools, ryobi, ridgid and makita continue to surprise with innovation, similar tools and many more offers and many times better features and technology (no push tech on 20v drywall gun), yeah I've had dewalt 20v framer for about 6 years now, milwaukee just released theirs last month after years of delays. I originally started with blue ryobi 18v when tools were actually built better than new green models. ie drill, router, circ saw, 8 1/4 miter saw, etc. I am multi platform with mostly 20v/ Flexvolt, Ryobi 18v(blower, grinder), Ridgid 18v(7 1/4 miter saw,vacuum, octane router), and some craftsman nextec(compact right angle impact driver, articulating hammer) Kinda went with the best value for $, even ryobi is starting to up their prices big time from the past






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