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My sons kitchen


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My oldest son bought his 1st house about 3 years. Like any 80 year old homes in need work. For the most part he has done a good job at fixing the place up and he is just about done except the kitchen. So tomorrow bright, and early we will start to gut the old one out. OI know that we have a floor issue a 6in drop from the door opening to the far corner and who knows what we will find in the walls. So here is the first pic of the truck getting loaded up. I will post more as we go but I think about taking the picture when I done.



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Awesome! Project threads make me happy, lol.

Sounds like an awesome project. He'll remember working on his kitchen with his Dad long after you've forgotten.

Good luck!


Just got home a little while ago we had a good day and I know he will remember. He called me a slave driver, and I told him that you union guys take too many brakes. But he did feed me.


Looks like he has a well rounded set of the latest from DeWalt! Nice Tools!


He does have some nice tools but they are mine. I just like using my own. Therefore, if something breaks I can only blame myself.


Looking forward to hearing about the project! Wow 6 inches. I had to level my floor because it sloped 1 inch. Nice set of tools. Like those dewalt tough boxes.


Thanks Harold. I really like the tough boxes I used to have job boxes. It is a lot easier for me to move these around. It sucks getting old.

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I'm the same way. I don't like using other peoples tools.


My dad told me a long time ago. If you want to keep your equipment in good working order and to last forever never lend them out. I can not tell you how many times I have heard "I lent to a friend the guy next door and this is how it came back".

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Can't wait to hear about the project.  How is that Ridgid compressor?


I like it a lot not to large and it has a wheel. The older I get the more I like rolling things.


My son gave me the day off for a doctors appointment and also I found why the corner of the floor had dropped.






Carpenter ants The bug guy is there today will start on the repair Wedensday

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I have some photos of what the kitchen look like before the gut 


1st my wife making coffee before we start




You can not see it in the photo but, there is a 4x4  holding up the left side of the stove to make it level





after the gut








start of the rebuild











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Yes Conductor it is a full gut. It would have been easier to burn it to the ground. Thanks Harold.


This is going to be an easy week for me. MY son who is a journeyman pipefitter and his lifelong friend who is a journeyman electrician are doing the bulk of the work this week. Today the put in and new 200 amp panel. Tuesday they will rough in the kitchen electric then the plumbing on Wednesday. My job is to meet with the drywall guy and get the best deal I can and pick up materials.

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Man having a life long Electrician friend would be awesome I would be hard not to exploit it though electrical is the biggest limiter on doing projects. On the pipe fitter front home depot is now selling that flexable gas line stuff now when this tanked water heater goes I going to go tankless not for the energy savings but for the unlimited hot water the old body could use some longer showers.

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It has been a good week. We got got the plumbing and electric rough done


The drywall guys showed up Saturday hung the rock and got a 2 coats of mud done. They got the 3rd coat of mud today and will be back Monday to sand,


As for me and my son we put his Ikea cabinets together most of this afternoon. Hope to get the T&G pine ceiling done Monday

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