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termite damage


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i started stripping down the walls in my garage ( OSB sheets, peg boards, old workbenches, drywalls)

that i can run more outlets, update electric etc.

then i found an old termite next with severe damage.

my plan was to switch out the existing door (28" door ) to a bigger 32" steel door.

to do that i need to get a bigger R/O; so i have to move the king studs, trim studs and the header to get the bigger opening.

while doing that i can switch out the horizontal "studs" (forgot the name for those).

and maybe more, i will see what else is damaged.

they are so eaten down, it feels like hard paper mesh.

and the termite poop or left overs, man that has a special odor...


oh poor quality on those pictures - i should switch back to 10m instead of 1m for direct upload via phone for the forum.




















thats the backside from the door in the inside of the house:



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Damn that sucks MM how long have u been at your current house? I was really worried about termites when we were buying the house were in now luckily the bank had the house bombed b4 we moved in, I'm pretty sure they do that for all house when for sale but those suckers can come back at any time man and it's not easy to get rid of them.

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we bought the house about 1 year ago and the inspector didnt see that, there was actually a sign at the door jamb of termite damage but he didnt see it. they got rid of those termites in 2013 - they was a termite inspection or something, a sign was in the garage when he was there. i hope they dont come back after i gonna switch out all the studs

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Thank god termites are not a big thing in Michigan. Carpenter ant's I have seen I demolished this poorly build addition after a friend flooded and carpenter ants were falling all over you. One of the nastiest things ever. The diyer homegammed it and didn't add enough pitch to the roof it was practically flat and it was added between a house and garage as a family room/mudroom. Dehydrated birds and mice or just bones is the norm in really old stuff.

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so i took down the rest of the drywall on that wall and how it looks like nothing more is really damaged.

the lil bastards just ate the paper on the back of the drywalls but left the studs untouched - ok here and there a few bites but nothing severe.

i have to clean up the termite poop and then i can start replacing the right side where the door is.

maybe gonna remove that 2x12 to check for damage behind that.

oh and what i found when i removed the drywalls - a hot wire left in a metal box, nobody was missing that one when they put the drywalls right over it.









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after cleaning up the rest of the drywalls i started to vacuum the termite poop.

i took of some insulation to clean behind that too - all the sudden is saw some of those fu**ers running around.

just a handful of them but they didnt survive my vacuum haha. i stopped my vacuum and called the termite guy.

he will come out on monday and will check everything.

man im soooo happy that i started the garage project - otherwise i would never noticed that those little bastards are still alive and active.

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ok the exterminator was here today.

first at all he said that those fu**ers are underneath the slab and just come up thru a crack or so in the wall and collect food up in the walls and go back in the nest to feed the others.


he has to drill holes in the foundation every 16" with a 1" drill bit and pump termidor in those holes.

a long that wall in the garage where i found them + behind the wall in the living room; pulling up the carpet and drill holes too.

that will cost around $700.


at the end he was not 100% sure about the crack because i opened that wall and he couldnt see anything where they come from.

so he was kinda confused and he said he will come back tmw with another co-worker to get a different opinion.


but actually i watched some youtube before that guy came out and i informed myself.

that process with drilling and pumping in the termidor stuff, man i can do that myself.

that termidor stuff cost about $100 a bottle. for that money i gonna buy my own SDS drill and start drilling those holes :P

NEW tool im coming haha.


na ok i gonna wait until tmw what he gonna come up with.


ill keep ya all posted 

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