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Ive always had great luck with them.. been using them for years now.  out of probably a dozen orders and likely over a hundred parts, they have never messed up my order! thats good when your counting on a tool being back up and running asap!  they have a great selection of in stock parts and can get almost everything else in only a few days.. their return policy is great and the few times ive been on the phone with them they are very knowledgeable and helpful.. 

over time ive come to not even shop around anymore.. their prices are always good and i know its going to be a good experience with them

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You know I am in the same boat John but a month ago I ordered a darn miter saw handle (Dewalt) from e Replacement...STILL haven't gotten it. I did get an email Sunday that it's on the way but nothing thus far. I bought it for my kick butt Dewalt tool box. Just like Dan and Eric mentioned, opening the front top cover is hard as there is no handle so I bought an OEM Dewalt handle and I want to screw it to the lid. Still waiting though, about a month later!

I have used e replacement before and they are awesome,must really surprised about this one. I think it's a manufacturer and deliver issue. You see it goes like this....

1- Customer consumes Samuel Adams. Epiphany....I know what I can do. And research begins.

2- Customer orders part after having Epiphany (me) and pays for said part.

3- From this point a TELEGRAM is sent via Union Pacific to slow boat in China Town San Francisco

4- Said slow boat makes treacherous journey through sea monster filled pacific to the East Coast of China

5- After a month at sea, correspondence is delivered to Chinese subsidiary post in Shanghai....incidentally, drunk

Americans (who were Shanghaid- get it :) ) are off loaded.

6- A cry for a delivery driver....literally a cattle driver...is made.....Lu Wi Shen Chow Hyng comes forth.

7- Lu Wi Shen Chow Hyng then gathers his favorite Donkey "Ted" and begins harrowing journey through Haian

Mountain Range.

8- Lu Wi Shen Chow Hying arrives in EBF China....Nanjie. Headquarters of the EBF e Replacement and Dewalt

Requisition and Manufacturing Post for all things Small.

9- Utilizing skills that have been taught for over a life time....Jim Wen ShunDong makes said handle for Dewalt

Miter saw. Part (among others) is given to Lu Wi Shen Chong Hyng and lest not forget "Ted".

10- Lu Wi Shen Chong Hyng AND Ted begin the arduous track across Haian a mountain Range back to


11- Said part, now having been made and crossing the beautiful mountain range, manufactured by a young man

of 97 who spent his life learning how to build this stupid fuc$ing part that I have now grown old waiting for

(Hey, I'm a New Englander....were not known for being patient....that's why we started the Revolutionary War

Without waiting for all of those dumb yokels over in France) said part and am now having a coronary and pacing in my carpet, is loaded in a fast boat for Portsmouth New Hampshire.

12- Previously said fuc$ing stupid plastic handle arrives in Portsmouth NH four months later where it is received

By John Boy Smith, who happily jumps on his gelding and makes the 28 mile journey to the magical happy city

of Rochangelos NH....where dreams come true, unicorn fly and said author has now


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And after authoring this literary masterpiece I get off duty hoping...nay...PRAYING the stupid Fuc$ing handle came in and nyet, nien, no....part still not here ;)

What does said literary masterpiece author do after a long and and dangerous week is over you may ask.....

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Seriously Madman? ???? Is that all you got out of this? ????? Seriously? ????? I'm just kidding, not a fan of Oktoberfest but Cold Snap is a wonderful way to end the day :)

ya i just commented on that picture and not the post before. had it on my phone...was just to much to read lol.

i like to switch beers - when i drink one beer type all the time, after a while it doesnt taste good as the first one.

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that was a wonderful story!!   hilarious :)     probably not too far off  haha

was there any mention of it being back ordered?  they are usually pretty good on their end about getting stuff right out so im sure they are waiting on dewalt. 


you know, your drinking another beer your gonna start that whole process over again!!!   what replacement part will it be tonight?!?!?!?       i cant wait for the next chapter of "Lu Wi Shen Chow Hyng and Ted"

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Great story, I will insert 11a to fill in an update.


11a- Moments before departure from the wonderful city of Shanghai, the aforementioned part that was destined for the East coast city of Portsmouth NH, was mysteriously diverted to the city of Angels and the mountain of containers that are stacking up off shore due to the decaying infrastructure of the Port of LA.


The only possible and plausible solution to this entire situation is to drink more beer and steel the handle off of the kids toy box, because everyone knows that the kids never put their toys away and have absolutely no need for a handle on that damn thing.

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