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Bosch DH181X-01 18v Brute Tough MONSTAH!!!!!


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Hey guys, I just shot an Unboxing video. I just received an early birthday present in the mail. The Bosch DDH181X-01 Brute Tough drill!!! Thanks Eric and Dan! This guy is a freakin' beast! I'm going to be shooting another video and add it to this post comparing it to my other heavy duty beast, the Dewalt DCD985 drill I love. What's so cool is the fact that this guy comes with the 4.0 ah batteries and the new BC630 rapid charger. Hope you guys like the video and thanks for watching!

Tools in Action Baby!!!!!!!

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Looks nice. I have the DCD995 and it looks like it has the same torque rating, and I can testify to the amount of power that is. My favorite feature because of this is that it has a sensor to detect arm twist and it disables the motor keeping you from getting FUBAR. 


Good stuff. 

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So in checking out that charger, that thing is awesome. It's powerfully fast with the 4.0s and the fan is like the Makita charger. Super powerful. This is doubly awesome because I've got the wireless chargers and batteries but they are 2.0 batteries. These guys will charge just as quickly. Really awesome drill.

Thanks Mike! Love doing the Unboxing videos. I'm hoping to post one of this and the Dewlat DCD985 today or tomorrow. Bosch is really kicking it with this brushed super heavy duty model. The chuck and ring are super strong.

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This tool comes with the BC630 Kruton. It's a 30minute rapid charger. The wireless system required the battery to be configured a little differently but you can charge wireless batteries on the regular chargers! Awesome innovation with these tools!

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Alright guys....professional opinion Bosch DDH181X 18v Drill Kit...

I shot a quick video of the Bosch in action and running next to the DCD985 hammer. This was a really good comp as the machines are both 18v (Dewalt is 20v max....ie....18v) and we're both running 4.0ah batteries. The test subject was a 2x6 kiln dried and the mechanisms were a Lennon 2-1/4" hole saw and a 13 y/o 1" dull spade bit (Irwin...yikes!). Firstly, I'd like to apologize for the music....not type, just volume, and my volume....weird shooting while my Wife is upstairs. God! I must be self conscious! Also, I refer to the belt clip as a side handle....,just ignore it.....I'm camera shy ;)

Really, really impressed with the gun. A couple of drawbacks as you'll see in the video but this is an awesome tool and if Bosch makes my very simple suggestion it'll be even better. Someone posted on the merits of brushless the other day. Well neither of these drills are brushless and I'm quite happy with these guys.

Thanks Eric and Dan. I really appreciate being here. It's been quite a few years now and it's helped me relax and even get through some rough times and quite a few of the members I consider friends. And now my Bosch tools have a new friend! Long live Tools in Action.

Edit: Video to be re shot and posted!

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