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New Random Orbit Sander...


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I just went to acme and they ended up selling me the old one which had to much vibration. I then did my homework ad found out about this one so went to lowes and picked the new model up. They are both $79.99 and the difference in vibration is noticeable as well as the noise. I don't know if its a clear upgrade but I do prefer hte newer model for not only the vibration  noise and seemingly better sawdust collection but the new grip is more comfortable as well. they did change the dust collection insert though and while ther older one let me use my 581H this is will need an adaptor.

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Am I the only one hoping for a 20V sander? Don't think that runtime would be a big problem when hooked up to a 5.0 ah battery? From what I recall Bosch has one and I'd love to see team yellow jump on that tech.

im sure they will make one but the question is how long till they do......

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 I have both at the moment, the D26453 seems to be a bit louder and has a bit more vibration. The DWE6423K is about 1/4" shorter and has the rubber grip which is nice but not a dealbreaker wither way. The vac attachment is different and you'll need an extra attachment to use the 581H on the DWE 6423K while the D25453 works with the included adaptor.  I prefer the DWE6423K mainly because of its a bit quieter but mainly that it seems to be a bit better in catching sawdust.​ Oh and i'd love a 20V sander.

 e I'd love to share a sid​e by side but for some reason I can't upload pics anymore.

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actually the D26453 has an adaptor that fits both 1 1/4" and 2 1/2" hoses but the fitting on the sander is different than on the newer model (the new model is round and the older model is more flat or tubular) so the adaptor won't work on the DWE6423K.My 1 1/4" hose on the 581H works on the D26453 but not the DWE6423K unfortunately. They do sell adaptors but not sure what the model number would be at this moment.Once I figure out how to post pics I'll put some up so you can see the difference.

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Correct. The cordless vacs don't have airlock so you'll need an adapter.

Tis true that the Li-ion Cordless Vacs don't come with Air-lock adaptors, but unlike previous versions of Vacs, the Pipe is not glued to the end attachment, so you can unscrew it, and in turn screw on an Airlock adaptor..


I have done this for testing the New Sander, and even whilst testing the XR Mitre Saw..


I must say that its a bit of a nuisance to keep switching the Vac On and then Off, but it does work well on both of the above products...


The only downside to 'retro' fitting an Air-lock adaptor is that the on board tools suffer in direct connection with the Airlock main 'barrel', so you have to use the tapered 'rubberised' adaptor to act as the 'go between'...

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