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Refinishing 84yr old Hardwoods

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Ive had the joys refinishing the hardwoods in my moms 1929 home!!


This is pretty much my first time refinshing hardwoods but it came out pretty good and i pretty much did it all on my own!!



This room was the most fun..to begin with there were lick and stick tiles that were more than ready tobe trashed.



Under the tiles was a nice thick layer of glue..



I literally soaked the floor with water to reactivate glue..



Then scrapped for about 2-3hrs and did the same process twice..ending up with this..



Now that the really messy part is over time to begin sanding..



And what makes it all worth it....




THE REST OF THE HOUSE(dining room, living room, hallway)

The rest of the floors in the house were just wore out and only needed a good sanding and poly


Had to do a little mud work but this is the only before picture of the living room..hard to see under all the mud dust..



Sanded living room


Hated this thing!!!!! POS from HD



I used an oil based semi gloss poly and sanded up to 100grit..all and all they look pretty good & only spent about $300!!


These are after all over 80 years old..I tried to stain them too but my mom loves all the imperfections in the wood..definetly gives a certain level of character!!



Finished product in next comment!!

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Holy moley Yikkit, that looks so clean you could lick it LMAO :P You see what I did there, poke poke lol. Yeah, I love what you did man, who knew you had it in you right? You were like superman to the rescue and saved momma from and old aging house, and brought life into it once again. Now your mom will smile more often and be glad to have company come over. Way to go man, see ya on the next project.

Haha you slickster you..she most definitely loves it!!

I've got more previous projects to post jus gotta write em up so be on the look out!!

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Awesome job in a beautiful home too. I love the older homes especially from that era. Lots of craftsmanship went into them. Heck of a job sir. And thanks for posting, that is really inspiring. Your Mom has got to be stoked!

Love the character aswell but the headaches of the old technology can be a pain!!!

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Yea I hated the drum sander I rented. The thing is a pain in the ass to control!

Fantastic! As an owner of a home from 1930 I feel your pain lol. Tons of sweat and fighting back tears. Your mom should be very proud, as should you! Was the drum sander a POS, or mainly the whole drum sanding process?

Well to start I got home w the first one and it had a short in it!! Then after wasteing a hr to get another one it jus wasn't doin a good job..the drum was wore out and only taking half of what the width that it should have..

But it was only a 110 so it wasn't too hard to handle it jus disappointed me with performance!!

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Finished pics of the rest of the house are in the #4 comment..And finished kitchen is in original post!!

Thanks again!!

oh shit my bad man i was so focused on the amount of work it must have taken to refinish the floors i didn't even see the final pictures. it looks really good!

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oh shit my bad man i was so focused on the amount of work it must have taken to refinish the floors i didn't even see the final pictures. it looks really good!

Well the kitchen did take quite a bit of time but the rest took about 6hrs to sand and 3hrs for 2 coats of poly..all over a three day stretch!!

Thanks again everyone..I'd certainly reccmend refinishing your hardwoods if they are in need!! Either paying someone or doing it urself it's changes the feel of the whole house!!!

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WOW, great looking floors!  It's kind of funny, that hardwood floors were once looked upon has unsightly, and were covered with cheap linoleum or carpet. Now they are a must have in any home renovation.  



Yea I see it all to often..but I guess it's jus less labor intensive to throw down something over top!!

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