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router bits sets

jon burgess

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not sure what your budget is, but if you are just starting out you are better off buying bits in the profile you want them in as most sets are garbage regardless the price.......another reason is in sets you will buy bits you will never use and you are paying for them to get three that you might.....


Lee Valley



just to name a few..


you can buy sets from these names but your not gonna get them cheap if your budget does not allow this then I suggest to buy individual bits from these names or your just wasting your money.

some big box stores have set on sale and they are not worth the fancy box they come in.....

a lot of tools are you get what you pay for but for router bits it couldn't be closer than the truth.....

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if you are just starting out? I wish I was told what I'm telling you know about cheap sets.....I have single bits worth more than your budget.....quality is key for router bits btw that 24 piece set you will probably never use 18 of them......

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I bought a set of wood river router bits on clearance at woodcraft. The clearance price was like 50% off. Figured they couldn't be that bad. There all crap. Out of the box they don't give a real clean cut, an it only got worse with use.

I have a couple Freud router bits an there great. Don't use my router much anymore but the Freud bits are great.

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I thon it depends on what you see yourself doing.

if you want the router for a few select jobs then only buy those bits  and any other when needed.

if you do a lot of one off jobs  of different profiles  then a set is great to have.

I have 2 sets  a 12 piece 1/4" set and a 24 piece 1/2" set/

I have only used probably 1/3 of the bits . but some of those I couldn't have predicted  needing those in time to order them


I would recommend buying a small set from one of the main manufacturers that is designed to have the basics . make sure the core bits you use are great quality.  you will use them regularly


you will probably want a

bearing flush trim bit

pattern bit (maybe a combination would do)

1/2" straight bit

chamfer bit

round over

rebating bit set


I think a medium quality (at least) set is great to have at hand for one off work

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I've had the same set of Ryobi 1/4 shank bits for about four or five years and they work fine. I prefer my Whiteside bits and would highly recommend the plywood set but I have the 1/2" set of those. But, if your looking for a decent set of general use 1/4 bits I think the Ryobis are fine. I won't compare them to my Whiteside bits but that is like comparing apples and oranges.

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I've never used any of those Comp so can't comment but I'm sure if the OP wanted to spend some coin those would be good choices. All I've got for 1/4" bits are my Ryobi set which I used on all of my hardwood cutting boards I built for Christmas this year.


All of my 1/2" bits are Whiteside and Bosch. Love them.

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ya there are so many to pick from now, some are going to be junk right out of the box or hold up......CMT are the most expensive and are about the same as a few that are cheaper so I like the few I have but won't buy any more......not for the cost.....

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Yeah I have set myself to a mission to purchase one new bit or combo per month. I'm not sure what's next, I liked it when Matt for Matts Basement Woodshop did the router bit of the month but that has been quite a while :(

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