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well got to thinking I am putting some work out there and figured why not make up a tag that can be put on the piece....

this what I came up with.....it is in an early stage and may change before getting them printed, obviously will have real name, address and phone number a hole in top right corner so it can be tied to item...what do you think?



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I got a wood iron for a gift a few years ago. Really small maybe 1-1/2" wide but pretty sweet. I use it on whatever I build in a small hidden place. The one I have is brass and is electric so as the hot iron heats up I can leave a nice dark mark. I love your design Comp. are you going to engrave the piece or make a decal?

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I like it! I sometimes "tag" stuff I do for friends with a penis. Most recently a power supply that a friend needed help with, I'll fix it for you but you'll get it back with a penis on it. If you're lucky, you get boobs. ...but seriously, I like the tag a lot. Maker's marks and tags are an indication that you're proud of your work, if you're serious about what you do you should have a tag and/or a maker's mark. A lot of what I've seen posted here deserves a MM because the work is often top notch, don't be modest guys!


The only critiques is your contact info, make it easily legible. Even if you have to make a blank spot under the graphic. It should be legible for YEARS, I love seeing when things come into the shop with tags from our shop that are 20 years old. Also forget the hole if you can attach it to the back or inside of an item, if it's a hanging tag they'll take it off, if it's attached they probably won't. That tag could easily get you business 10 years down the line, I've seen it before...had customers bring in items that have changed hands that we previously worked on or "I remembered there was a tag on the back so I looked you guys up." If you made them a happy customer once they will come back...but often they forget or lose a business card, make it easy for them to find you. 

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ok so I made a little differences to the tag, and I figured out how to stamp each piece of work..... the cell/phone number is clearly printed but blacked out.

I took Bmack37's advice and am going to be putting this on each piece instead of the tag.....oh and if you  noticed I changed the name from "The Knot House" to "LA CASA NODO" which is the same thing but in Italian......it even takes stain well too.......



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