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Picked up Another Toy....


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call me old school but I like the older tools when it comes to certain tools...picked this guy up tonight from a retiring wood worker that had it from brand new and took care of it. he upgraded the drive belt to a power twist link belt and seems to make it run a lot quieter than stock. I realize the reeves pulley system is not the best but it also has a lot to do with the user.

for now and for what I might do this will do just fine.



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ya pretty much have a list as I was organizing my shop, Since I decided to make the basement my shop I now can plan for a full all round shop. seeings I'm not building a $30,000 garage just for my shop I not only don't have to spend that but for winter months  the basement is already heated has a private entrance and is pretty sound proof.
list of bigger shop  tools
Lathe ✓
13" Planer ✓

6" Jointer ✓

14" Band Saw ✓

10" Miter Saw ✓

Router and Table ✓

Scroll Saw ✓

Drill Press ✓

Oscillating Spindle Sander ✓

Dust Collection ✓

Table Saw needs up grade.....looking

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You can fit a table saw in your basement workshop? That seems to the the problem with most basement workshops is the space. That's why I kind of want a Track Saw, but they are so darn expensive. Well the problem is I really want a TS55req

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ya I have a 10x10ish foot area for it and a ground level private entrance so bringing in sheets is not to big of a deal. my shop is big it is just broke up in a U shape.

the only restriction I have is to remember to never build anything larger than 32" square or I can't get it out the door. when I build a poker table 8 or even 9 foot long I'm ok because the base or legs are taken off an are never taller than 30" sure I'm limited but I don't plan on building much large stuff and if I do I will make it so it can be assembled later......

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