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Finally bought it!


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Just picked up the Dewalt Dws780. This thing is a beast of a saw. Thanks to TIA for all the info on this saw it was an easy decision.

The wife wanted new stairs. She upheld her end of the bargain by staining all of the oak, so it's my turn to put them in. I only had an old Ryobi 18v chop saw, so I needed an upgrade. I have installed miles of trim and installed numerous hardwood floors with the Ryobi but it was always more difficult than it had to be. Very excited to speed up production on the house with this bad boy!

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That's a nice unit brother. I'm still on the fence about which miter to go with. Good choice. Now we Need pics of what you make with it!

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I'll be sure to post some pics of the stairs when they are done and trim as well. A lot of projects can be completed now without hillbillying things to "make it work"

My wife tells me I have the tools I need now to not have any excuses, haha.

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That's nice that light is awesome

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I didn't think it would act as an area light as well. It's fantastic! I'm sure it's not the best in sunny conditions but I have been using saws with no lasers no lights since I can remember, so going old fashioned in the sun is not a deal breaker.

I have all of the treads and risers cut and ready for install. I didn't want to stop using it.

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Congrats on the new Beast poison!! And the xps system is awesome I Love my dws780 I just had to get the DWX726 rolling miter stand cus that saw can get pretty heavy after awhile of lugging it around plus it stores standing up right against the wall for space saving. The stand that it comes with is also really great and sturdy to its really a great buy when u get both together.

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