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I think I went crazy shopping


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Got myself a Fluke Ti-29 Thermal Camera (280x210 pixels baby. :-D) My new favorite toy.

Rest is mainly knipex, but also some bahco screwdrivers and a Bosch emergency (non-SDS) construction drill-bits. :)


Though, the 7" wrenches, and the extra electrical plier + knipex Magnetic mini-light (for the EL plier) is gona be christmas presents. :)

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Thanks! Its awesome. :-D (My first thermal cam)

Even got myself an Wide-Angle lens for it.

Makes it even more practical. :)

I'm sure thoose knipex will serve me nice. Already got 2 Wrenches (10" and 6"), a cobra and two other knipex stuff. Just amazing quality. :)

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Thanks! Its awesome. :-D (My first thermal cam)

Even got myself an Wide-Angle lens for it.

Makes it even more practical. :)

I'm sure thoose knipex will serve me nice. Already got 2 Wrenches (10" and 6"), a cobra and two other knipex stuff. Just amazing quality. :)

We have thermal cams at the fire department and they are fun to play with. Ours are rather pricey though, we purchased a few MSA cameras for around 8000 each, have fun with it, turn your stove on and watch the heat signature above the flame, pretty cool!


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New, this goes for around 7000 + 1000 (lens)$, where I live. So when a company that had used it two times or so (it even smelt brand new) went bankrupt, I bought it for just 2 grand. :-D

Only thing I miss, compared to the newer editions of fluke higher end handheld thermal imagers, is probably an auto-focus. But image quality is just as good though. :)

Ah man looking at all these new tools gave me boner...you went crazy, but good crazy

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Hehehe. :D
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That's one hell of a pile of new tools!! One thing going I need more of is cobras and pliers wrenches..


I have a relatively speaking, limited experience with different quality on different tools. I've been using the cheapest and most shitty hand tools you can think of. So I decided I make a jump over all the other quality steps, and just invest in the highest grade I could find. I'm sure there is others almost as good, costing half the money I spent. (though, I took some time waiting for a good discount)


But if I in the future would make the jump to 'the best', I may save some money just going for the top now, and I just feel so "finished" with this testing of what tools that work, and what doesn't.  

Anyways, Knipex is one of my favorites, having played with the 10 inch cobra and plier's wrench for a time know, I'm sure I can't go wrong in the knipex world of things. :P Also, the experience I have from FLUKE at work is very good, so I don't think I could go very wrong there either. 


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Holy Shit,, that's a great haul man, congrats,,, please share some pice from the Thermsl Imager


Thanks, here is some initial pictures I've taken.


Closeup of an OP-AMP.


As close as I can get with the focus. (resistor) Pretty darn close with the wide angle lens. :P


Here is from a Hydro-Electric damn in the neighberhood, whatching down on to the power-plant, and three people in the distance.


Apartment. Even though the ceiling is pretty well isolated, and the temperature in the apartment above is almost the same temp, you can still se the studs and it's temeprature difference. Amazing. Also, in the third image, the ceiling is heated up by two candles.  


Living creatures

Mounted the Fluke in to a Vice grip kind of looking plier, drilled a holes through, that I used as the connector for the arm. And here I'm doing some checkups on a linear voltage regulator module prototype that I'm making. Pretty messy, but thats just how thing become after looking for a fault. :




The first resistors went up to 130 degrees celsius, and seriously needed to be changed. Something I had not noticed until I got the FLuke. :D


Prototype with fingers, and then some afterglow.


At storage unit at work.

Edit: Haven't used the IR-fusion much. FIrst of, it doesn't work with the Wide angle lens, secondly it is a tad harder to get the infrared in focus when you are looking at a image thats already in focus. (And if it is not in focus, the two images doesn't overlap)

Lastly, it only works at a distance. I'm guessing at least a meter or two. (3-6 feet) Becouse of the parallax.

Aaaand it is the thermal image I'm paying for anyways. :P

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Lol, it ain't pretty, but damn. Just got myself some modern and awesome functionality. Live stream of IR-image, via old Samsung S2 cell and IP webcam app.

Had to make a hollow wooden chock that isolate the screen to remove reflection in display, and make some distanse for the cell's focus. :-p


Not much loss of quality, and under 1 sec. Latency.

Much easier to whatch your work thermally, without the camera stay in the way, or to stand up.

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Nice tools man. When it comes to me buying tools I can get carried away. When I order tools off Amazon I can't just buy one haha. I say well if I buy this I have to buy this.

Yupp, it's just just like that. :-D

My girlfriend is wondering if I soon run out of tools to buy. ^^ :P

Did not have the heart to tell her it is a lot more. A LOT. :P

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In terms of Thermal imaging, how does Fluke compares to Flir ?

FLIR and FLUKE both make industry leading test and measuring equipment. 
And even though FLIR seems to focus a bit more on the IR-department, and Fluke on the multimeter/electronic-department, they overlap each other pretty good. And both have very high quality equipment in theese camps. 
I personally think FLIR looks a tad better in looks, and FLUKE more bulky and perhaps a bit more rigid. But yeah, in total, pretty equal in design/quality. 
In the Thermal Imager department, both have a lot of the same, and even though FLIR has more models to choose from, the price and performance is relatively close at the comparable range.
In my case, with the TI-29 (mine is 9Hz version, but also come in 60Hz), it is very close to the FLIR E60. In design and features.
Both have:
Manual Focus, variable MMX/Fusion, optional Wide/tele lenses, 2% accuracy, 50mK sensitivity, range, display size, and functions.
The difference is:
The ti29 have four times the display resolution. But the FLIR E60 have 60Hz and WiFi, compared to my Ti29 is just 9Hz version and only have SD-card, and importantly, the IR resolution on the fluke is a tad lower (280x210 VS 320x240), i.e it comes between the FLIR E50 and E60. 
Price wice, both the E60 and Ti-29 costs around 7000 $ + 1000 $ for Wide angle lens. 
So bottom line; yeah, I'd say Fluke compare pretty Equal to FLIR in most aspects. :) At least in this case.
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