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Milwaukee M18 Sawzall


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Ive been saving for a fuel m18 sawzall for some time now and just came across a deal on a brushed one.


My local HD has an m18 sawzall with 4.0 battery and hard case on clearance for $189. Worth the savings or should I stick fuel?  It would only be used for personal projects and stuff, not making a living with it.

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Not sure on the specs of the fuel vs the non fuel but look at the strokes per minute and the length of the cut. Nothing worse than settling for something when in reality you want something more. Would the brushed model settle your wants and needs or would everything you lose it feel like your lacking or missing out on something.

Odds are if your occasionally using it you don't need the fuel but if your anything like me and most people on here you want the biggest and baddest on the market and that would probably be the fuel.

So as Tim the tool man Taylor used to say, more power (followed by grunting.)


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The brushed M18 sawzall wasn't the best especially the old version. I had it and it was not that impressive. I just looked your only saving 20 dollars buying the clearanced version  http://www.homedepot.com/p/M18-18-Volt-Lithium-Ion-Cordless-SAWZALL-Reciprocating-Saw-Kit/205482389;jsessionid=FAF2A8BE95E057C8092038B1CBFA930D.


Right now Home Depot has a promo with a free 5.0ah battery when you buy a Fuel Sawzall kit. Thats the better deal in my opinion.


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I have the m18 fuel an m18 original sawzaw. As others said the orginal is nothing special. It does the job thoe so I won't beat it up to much.

What that said if it was a lot cheaper go with the m18 orgiginal for around home. If it's only a 20 dollar difference thoe, just wait an go with the fuel.

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CPO Milwaukee has a promo going where you can get a free Fuel Sawzall or two 5.0 batteries when you buy the Fuel 2.0 kit (2897-22).




So that's either a free sawzall or a total of 4 5.0 batteries.

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Man you're a lucky dog if she buys it for you for xmas! I ask for tools every year and end up empty handed. BTW nothing but great results with the fuel sawzall. I've owned plenty of sawzalls in the past and this one rocks. The power this one puts out makes demo days a breeze. No cords to come unplug or get wrapped up in. Plus it might just be me but I really like the rafting hook too.

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