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echo or ego?


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The echo chainsaw also had its problems as can be found in some YouTube reviews.

The ego blower then has its controls in a real stupid place. Cant reach them with your hand.

Depending on how urgently you need the chainsaw.... Makita's 18X2 trimmer and blower are top notch. A new brushless chainsaw is in the works for 2016.

And these batteries also fit the drills/ grinders/jig saws/ etc...

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Rrich1, sorry to hijack your thread..

I don't use much cordless OPE but it seems like ego is a strong choice..

Like Korno said, you may want to consider Makita for their X2 36v line. The brushless Trimmer and new brushless blower are supposed to be great, they also currently have a chainsaw that member ChrisK has and raves about.. if you could wait it out for the new one I'm sure it would be insane.

Cost wise I'm sure it won't be the cheapest line to get into but they make really top quality tools and the other benefit is then you would also have access to makitas huge 18v line with the same batteries you use for the 36v stuff (makitas 36v uses 2 of their standard 18v)

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The Makita chainsaw is only 10" though. The EGO is 14" and very powerful. Not sure about the others.


We (oztooltalk) reviewed the whole EGO range quite extensively, and its very good. It's weak point was the 12" Line Trimmer, not sure if the newer 15" is more powerful, but the extra diameter is certainly needed. The BL 18x2 Makita trimmer looks like a beast, as does their blower.

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I really like my Ego blower, it's waaay more powerful than I ever imagined and it's really quiet. You could have a conversation while using it, I could hear my neighbor's music playing clearly while I was using it last...bet you could set up a Bosch radio and still hear it while using the blower. With Turbo mode the battery does discharge pretty quickly but it doesn't get hot and you don't need to always use that button, like you'd probably imagine. Battery and charger are REALLY nice quality.


The downside, the knob does feel cheaply made.

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I wonder if the non brushless trimmer is getting discontinued. They didn't mention anything about a new string trimmer the press release a few days ago. $135 is a good deal though.  I bet they the old leaf blower will be on clearance soon now that Ego has an updated version

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