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I have to say I'm really liking the Dewalt 20v DCV581H Vacuum


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I had the Ryobi canister wet dry vacuum I can't really complain about it too much really the battery life and suction was great. The down side was no corded option the attachments didn't store on the vacuum and the filter was just a cheesy filter paper help on with a rubber band. The Ryobi was a work horse though. I will say the Dewalt is defiantly moving into a luxury car it just feels better and is just a way better design! It's my second yellow tool I have bought recently. I got an awesome deal on this and the nailer recently so it made the choice obvious. I don't know If the vacuum will stay with me long term if Milwaukee puts out some crazy Fuel vac, but as it stands I think its one of the best cordless vacuums on the market personally.

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My mistake. Ofcourse you do [emoji106]

We may be outnumbered by team red, but there's lots of positive comments about yellow.

At the end of the day it doesn't really matter. They all get the job done!

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All good brother!


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JasonC I am your Father



It have been mine if they ever had it as a bare tool give away item, or a better price. I cant say that $99 bucks is bad, but I like a good sale!! I got the Dewalt  $85 on an Amazon Lightning deal. Plus I know if I bought the Milwaukee they would release a new one just as mine was out of the return window :)

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Jason, do you notice any difference in suction when it is running on battery? Or is it the same as when you have it plugged into and outlet??

I have personally only ran it with a battery pack so far, so I can't really say either way.

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I have a question about using the corded version of this, how do y'all think it would work hooked up to the dws580 for dust extraction? Would it be a waste of money or would it be vastly better than just using the bag. I don't really have the cash to buy the big brother dewalt dwv012.

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