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Stanley Sockets? Good, Bad or Other?...


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I'm not into sockets sets much, I have a fair sized set that covers pretty much everything I will ever need but was wondering if Stanley set were any good as I was at our Canadian tire store and they have this set on clearance for 75% off selling for $62.00 


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They appear to have different pricepoints they try to hit with quality, the problem is that they don't differentiate with anything other than price. I've never seen that set before but I'd imagine that's on the higher end of Stanley. I imagine that even with the cheap socket sets you'd need to be using a cheater bar to break the sockets consistently. The Stanley ratchets all seem to be the same without consideration of pricepoint, they're not bad...I like them better than the current Craftsman and they're cheaper!


For that price, I say buy. The ratchets are worth more than that.

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The Stanley sockets are pretty decent really. They are made in Taiwan and hold up pretty well. 


The ratchets are are a different story. They pretty much suck. I just don't have anything positive to say about them. Virtually any other ratchet you find will be an upgrade over them.

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40 minutes ago, comp56 said:

Thanks for all the feedback, I need that kit like a hole in the head but thought if it was a smoking deal why not.....cause I'm tool crazy thats why


Yea, at that price they're definitely worth snatching up.

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Man Comp, that is a cool looking set, I would get just for the color. And at the conversion only $47.45. Stanley's not bad, I have heard a couple people complain about the ratchets failing. But I never had one.

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