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Which mitre saw to get??


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Hi guys, I can't decide what to get... at first I was set on getting the 10 inch Milwaukee fuel imported( I'm in Europe, Ireland) As I firmly believe that cordless is the way to go. But have since started to change my mind based on 2 reasons 1. Dust collection is a huge factor for me as my current older DeWalt saws dust collection is shite! Therefore I'll be plugging the extractor in anyways. 2. I have no other m18 tools and I'm just not sure how accurate/stay accurate the saw will be when compared to the two I mention below.

I'm a cabinet maker by trade so it's for clean accurate work is mostly what this saw will see.

The capacity is for when cutting cornice/moulding or with the max width that  I can cut an 18mm gable at.

The two other options are the 120 Kapex or the 12 inch Bosch axial glide saw.


Without any stand, this is approx what each would cost me.

Kapex- 940 euro

Bosch- 780 euro

Milwaukee- 1100 euro APPROX import charges n shipping are a big factor





Once set up should stay accurate with minimal flexing due to its design.

Largest capacity
Great for against a wall/someone's hallway

Cheapest option


Heavy/bulky for carrying around

The potential for blade wobble since its 12inch(has anyone noticed this????)




Presume its the best dust collection

Easy mitre/bevel adjustments

Lighter easier carry around

Not as much cut capacity.
Expensive for what it is I think?



Cordless-huge advantage at times but not sure how much I'll benefit from it.

Light easy transport





Hassel of importing



Any help, info, reviews, pointers, personal experience or do's/don'ts would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance Jack.


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Go for the Bosch. Dust collection is terrible on the m18 saw. If you are not going to be moving it often the Bosch will work perfectly for you. All sliding miter saws will have some deflection the further you have to extend the arm. Best practice is to flip  the board half way through the cut, as long as you have a miter saw fence set up. Here is a video comparing the Bosch to the Dewalt saw on dust collection. 


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I had planned on buying the Milwaukee as soon as it came out, but after some thought I decided against  buying a cordless miter saw. 


I currently have two Dewalt miter saws one is about 15 years old the other I bought used as it came with a Large stand I purchased. I tend to take care of my stuff so it lasts, but I also do not use them every day. The shop I work in supplies miter saws, nail guns etc. So most of my personal large items is for home use and side work.


There is no way a battery will last for 15 years, so what happens to the tool once the batteries are no longer made?


I want purchase a  Festool track saw but It will be a corded version as I do not want an obsolete tool if they change their battery design in 10 years.


I have only run a Bosch a few times and preferred a Dewalt, but that was because the bosch had a safety on the On switch that I was not used to. The bosch certainly does not look like a portable saw.


What is the capacity difference between the Festool and Bosch? It would drive me nuts if I had to flip a board all the time to finish a cut. But I rarely cut boards in the 10 to 12 in range.




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You could get the flexvolt 12in, get the benefits of cordless and when it becomes of fossil you can still plug it into mains. 


That said, tech is going to advance so much for tools in the next 15 years you'd likely find anything you buy now to be essentially useless in comparision before it becomes obsolete. 

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I recently went through the same thing. To be honest, I never really considered a cordless saw. I didn't need the cordless ability and would end up paying the same for less capacity. Plus I know I'd really regret it the first time I had to replace the battery.


After the debacle with the Ridgid saw I originally bought, I narrowed it down to the Dewalt 780 and the Bosch Axial Glide. I never really considered the Kapex because of the price.


I really liked the Bosch and if I were setting it up in a shop, it probably would have been my choice. The Axial Glide system is pretty sweet. 


I ended up going with the Dewalt 780 and am very happy with it. It was about a degree off out of the box, but after I tuned it up, It's a great saw. It got the nod over the Bosch because with it and the stand I saved $100, plus I have a Dewalt service center about 40 minutes away.

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Thanks for getting back to me guys.

Ok yes, I believe the cordless is out of the question. My boss has the DeWalt 12inch saw which ever model was out 6 years ago don't know the model number of my head. I don't like it. I'm not sure how to word/explain it but there's give in the sliding mechanism so no matter what way u square it its only square one way if that makes sense. Also, I don't know why but I just don't like it as a saw to use.

I would definitely own the Bosch right now if I wasn't concerned about the size and hauling it out on site. It isn't too often but as time goes on it will be getting more and more often.

To be honest, with the type of work I do, the  Kapex should have me covered it's just that I'm paying more for less capacity which I may want someday.

As for the flex volt, I'm just not impressed with the accurcy of the dewalt saw so not really considering it although I do get your point.

The Kapex has only come into consideration very recently. I haven't even done a whole lot of research on it. I had a quick look at it a while back and said no way am I spending that kind of money. Plus i dont own any festool tools as im scared ill get the bug and believe they are overpriced.

Keep the info coming its much appreciated. Thanks, Jack

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I love my Kapex. Best miter saw I have used hands down. Like everything Festool... price sucks.


My second choice was the Bosch, but its a unit  I would want to lug its final resting place ONCE and never move it again. For me its too bulky to move around.


The Kapex also has a lever you flip that locks the depth so its like a radial arm saw. So you can cut dados or rabbets with it or just a half depth slot. Very handy.



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I agree wth Rich, love my Kapex. If you were going elsewhere, I'd go with the bosch too. The dust collection on hat isn't very good either but there are quite a few mods you can do to the chute to improve it greatly. D.C. is a big deal to me too

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3 hours ago, rrmccabe said:

Just ran across this. Had not seen it before.



So he got rid of a Kapex to replace it with a Bosch? Sounds like he will push whatever a sponsor sends him. If all he is doing is straight cuts he may as well use an old radial arm saw. 


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I dont know his motivation but if you watch his videos he downsizes on occasion.  He had a super nice powermatic bandsaw and sold it and downsized to one with almost the same capability with smaller footprint.  Now the footprint difference was not enough to justify the change so I dont know the actual reason. He said he had a Makita on the floor too. I am sure all of its has been sent to him.


This is his business so you can bet there is going to be an plug here or there for monetary reasons.


That was not the best review in my opinion since he just makes straight cuts but it did show the dust collection differences and I agree the Festool clamp is nice.


Anyone that owns a Kapex pretty much has the same opinion which is probably its the best you can buy but not worth the money.


My 3HP Grizzly cabinet saw cost about the same money as my Kapex. Makes no sense.

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And remember that Marc has gotten rid of almost all of his Festools, keeping only a few after a change in sponsorship and Festool going elsewhere. Currently he has changed out that Bosch for Makita but it's still pretty cool to be able to try out so many tools!

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Thanks a mill for the replies guys. Although I haven't made my final decision I have decided that the Milwaukee is out of the question! My day job is assembling and then fitting kitchens, wardrobes and fitted units. But I like to do my own work on the side at home and hope to go out self-employed once my apprenticeship is over. I have a very small workshop at home but I'm trying to make do with what I have. Right now all my crosscuts are done with my Makita tracksaw and a homemade version of the MFT table (Basically an aluminium extrusion bolted to a table with two reference points for the track which are 90 degrees to the extrusion.) This is ok for the bigger stuff but an accurate mitre saw would be much handier for the narrower work. I don't have no sliding table or crosscut sled for my table saw as its a job site saw and wouldn't be accurate enough. This is where the Bosch would stand out over the kapex if you ask me. But then its huge downfall is when I have to lug it around onsite which will be getting more n more often I believe.


Rich that is a very good point about the kapex being the same value as you table saw!! It's ridiculous!!

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2 hours ago, rrmccabe said:


Yea, its stupid. There is no reason a miter saw should have cost as much as this !



I would have gone another route but got mine on the Recon sale for 40%! I paid the same as the new Dewalt 60v! Had I not gotten it that way? I can dream but no. Too. I had money for a hobby shop :(

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Yea, I struggled with it. Had buyers remorse the next day and the next day after that.


But honestly if I had it to do over again I would probably still buy the Kapex.


I did buy a Colliflower Zero Clearance Insert today. Looking forward to getting it.

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